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The Airlander 10 has now made its first flight

First Flight For World’s Largest Aircraft

posted by Paul Fiddian | 19.08.2016

The incredible Airlander 10 lifted off for the first time on 17 August 2016. Following further test flights and certification, a u...

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  • UK’s P-8A Poseidon Order Confirmed

    posted by Paul Fiddian | 19.07.2016

    A fleet of nine Boeing P-8As will start to equip the Royal Air Force from 2019 onwards while, at their RAF Lossiemouth homebase, a support facility will be built.

  • Thales Fulmar X UAV Unveiled

    posted by Paul Fiddian | 15.07.2016

    Thales' new down-sized unmanned airborne system has a 48 mile range and an eight-plus hour endurance. Malaysia is set to be its first operator.

  • Upgraded Apaches For British Army

    posted by Paul Fiddian | 12.07.2016

    The Army Air Corps is getting 50 of the newest Apache attack helicopter models from Boeing. Deliveries begin in 2020 and they'll start being used operationally in 2022


    posted by Andy Fields | 04.07.2016

    052D Kunming The first 052D destroyer, Kunming, sails in the waters of Qingdao, China. The 052D is distinguished by the powerful Type 346A radars located under the bridge, and 64 vertical launch system cells located forward of the bridge and in the middle of the hull.

  • Artificial Intelligence Outflies A Fighter Pilot

    posted by Andy Fields | 04.07.2016

    Artificially intelligent pilot, ALPHA, beats expert fighter pilot in aerial combat simulations. This represents aa huge leap in unmanned aircraft capabilities and AI technology.

  • Rules of Engagement Hindering U.S. Troops

    posted by Andy Fields | 22.06.2016

    A U.S. Green Beret in Afghanistan recently declared that America is “not at war with the Taliban,” reflecting the rules of engagement implemented by President Barack Obama, which allow lawyers to dictate when military force is justified, reports The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

  • Space Capabilities Boost For United States Military

    posted by Paul Fiddian | 22.06.2016

    The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working to transform US military space-based command and control processes with its two-part Hallmark programme.

  • Jordanian-Syrian Borders Closed Following Suicide Attack

    posted by Andy Fields | 22.06.2016

    Jordan's north and north-eastern borders have been declared a closed military zone following an attack on a Jordanian military post close to the border, near a camp housing over 50,000 Syrian refugees.

  • First Flight For T-50A Jet Trainer

    posted by Paul Fiddian | 03.06.2016

    The T-50A - Lockheed Martin's Advanced Pilot Training T-38 Talon replacement programme entrant - has made its first flight, performing 'flawlessly'.

  • The Declaration of Independence

    posted by Andy Fields | 02.06.2016

    A fabulous discovery of the Declaration of Independence. Read how Kevin Kostiner found it in an old box and see the minute detail of the original document not been seen for 200 years

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