Army Catering and Sanitary Facilities

Kaercher Futuretech GmbH

Ranging from individual cooking modules over field kitchens to container kitchens, the catering systems are all designed for transport by road, sea and air. The core of each kitchen is the burner. The burners are fuelled by diesel, gas, heating oil or kerosene.

Army Catering Facilities

HMCK: The Highly Mobile Container Kitchen is used as a mobile unit for the preparation and distribution of stews and complete meals for 200 to 600 persons. Additionally, it is suitable for the preparation of breakfast, supper and warm beverages.

Army Catering Facilities Field KitchensMKT: The Mobile Kitchen Trailer can be used independently and is also suitable for use in the terrain. It is designed for the preparation of food for 300 to 500 persons per day. The MKT is used for catering in regions with missing or incomplete infrastructure.

MKM: The Multi Cooking Module is a cooking unit which can be operated individually or together with modules in a tent, house or on a chassis. It is suitable for frying large quantities of steaks as well as preparing meals in pans. With this type of module it is also possible to cater for smaller units.

MFK: The Mobile Field Kitchen is a modular construction that makes it a flexible field kitchen system. Cooking, frying, baking, combi-steaming or cooling are not a problem for the MFK. Quickly ready for use this kitchen can fulfil the actual needs of up to 250 eaters.

TFK: The Tactical Field Kitchen TFK 250 is constructed for the application under toughest conditions and is mounted on a one-axle-trailer. The field kitchen guarantees fast and complete troop-catering for 250 persons around the clock.

Single Cooking Modules

CD 10 Combi Steamer: The Diesel heated Comi Steamer is a cooking module for independent operation. The mobile all-rounder can be used for roasting, grilling, baking, browning, stewing, poaching, blanching, combi-steaming, combi-roasting, combi-baking, reheating, thawing and conserving at any place.

Army Field KitchensThe Field Camp is a deployable military facility which - after a short assembly of time – provides living and working conditions similar to those in the soldier’s home country during an extended period of deployment abroad. The KÄRCHER Futuretech systems promote the well-being of soldiers and task forces and enhance their morale and motivation.

The following components are available either in the highly mobile Field Camp System 150 or in the FLM, an air-transportable modular field camp.

Army Sanitary Facilities

Sanitary Trailer: A compact shower and toilet system in three different variations. TRST 3-3: three showers and three toilets; TRS 6: six showers; TRT 6: six toilets. Each variation has a hand washing area and urinals and is integrated on a single-axe trailer and ready for use in a very short time.

Army Sanitary Facilities - Laundry Sanitary Platforms: A modular sanitary system in three variations. PLST 3-3: three shower cubicles and three toilet cubicles; PLS 6: six shower cubicles; PLT 6: six toilet cubicles. The system is mounted on a platform which can be transported by means of a forklift.

Military Laundry Systems

TFL 25: The mobile field laundry TFL 25 is robust, functionally safe and designed for the field operation of the armed forces and civil organisations.

CFL 60: The mobile CFL 60 field laundry has been especially designed for the washing and disinfection of all kinds of laundry used in the armed forces, including military hospitals.


Field HeatingMAC 7: the Mobile Air Conditioner is a transportable unit which has been designed for cooling the air inside tents or transportable buildings.

KFH 20 / KFH 40: Sturdy air heater for heating tents, shelters, protection facilities etc. The machine runs quietly and is thus well suited for heating accommodation tents.

FB 60 E CO: A universal field heater for heating and ventilation for all kind of indoors. Now with CO2 monitor for increased safety in rooms to be heated.

Hot Water Devices

DH 5 / DH 6 Flow Heater: Mobile flow heater for showering and other warm water applications.

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