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Breaking a conventional cryptographic algorithm is a question of the time and resources available.

If the cost of breaking an algorithm is greater than the value of the encrypted data, then you're probably safe. "Probably", because there is always a chance of new breakthroughs in cryptanalysis. But now you can eliminate the uncertainty of so-called "computationally secure" algorithms. Thanks to mils electronics' One Time Key implementation, you can have "unconditional security".

Secure Messaging

In OTK encryption, the key stream does not come from an algorithm or mathematical formula. Instead, it is obtained from a true random noise source and therefore cannot be reproduced. Once this key stream for encryption or decryption has been used, it is immediately destroyed. This guarantees that the same key cannot be reapplied by mistake.

Mils electronic are the only company in the world that offers this truly unbreakable encryption method in its message cipher systems.

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