High-End E-Mail and File Encryption by System200:

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The System 200 from mils electronic is a very user friendly encryption system that meets the most stringent standards for securing the exchange of e-mail messages and the protection of files and folders on personal computers.

Following it's longstanding tradition, mils electronic has also implemented the unbreakable One-Time-Key method into it's System 200, thus making it the only unbreakable e-mail encryption system that is available on the market.

Due to its modular design, the System 200 can be employed from very small to a worldwide communication network with an unlimited number of users.

A System 200 Club consists of members, each equipped with its own security module (PC-Card), which is used for producing and storing cryptographic keys and the execution of the cryptographic algorithms. To control either the whole System 200 Club or groups within the Club (member administration) and to generate the required cryptographic keys, the System 200 Club employs one administrator. Club members can exchange encrypted e-mails or files with other Club members. Additionally, each Club member can encrypt files on local or remote drives. The System 200applications can be used on all commercially available personal computers running the Windows® operating system.

System 200 extends the standard Microsoft® applications like MS Outlook® and Windows-Explorer by adding encryption and decryption functionality. A mils electronic developed cryptographic security module (PC-Card) provides maximum data protection at high speed.

Components of System 200
Components of System 200


The MilsAdministrator is a Windows® application for managing an entireSystem 200 Club or a part of it. Its major tasks include the definition of the Club members and creating and distributing the cryptographic keys for a System 200 Club.


MilsMail provides for the secure e-mail message exchange within a System 200 Club. MilsMail is a Windows® application that extends the Microsoft® Outlook® e-mail client with encryption / decryption functionality. E-mails can be encrypted by either using the unbreakable One Time Key method or by a state-of-the-art proprietary stream cipher algorithm.


The MilsFile application is used for secure file storage. It is an extension of the Windows® Explorer and can be used to encrypt / decrypt single files or entire folders on local or remote disks of the personal computer.

MilsCard hardware security deviceMilsCard

The MilsCard is a hardware security device (PC-Card) for storing the cryptographic keys and executing the cryptographic functions of the System 200 applications. Each Club member is provided with one MilsCard.


The MilsTool is a software utility to configure and monitor a MilsCard.


  • All security related functions of the System 200 are executed within a tamper-proof cryptographic security module (MilsCard). This module is implemented as PC-Card.

  • Files are protected by using a proprietary state-of-the-art stream cipher algorithm.

  • E-mails are protected by using the unbreakable One Time Key method or the stream cipher algorithm.

  • All cryptographic keys are produced exclusively by the MilsCard which employs a true random noise source (an electronic circuit in the MilsCard).

  • The cryptographic keys inSystem 200 are either protected by being stored in the MilsCard or by encrypting them with a specific key encryption algorithm.

  • The access to allSystem 200 functions is restricted to Club members who are in possession of a valid MilsCard and the respective secret password.

Learn more about "System 200" and the unbreakable "One-Time Key" encryption methodat www.mils.com.

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