M3 Technology

Ground Vehicle Support, Aircraft Spares / Service, Electronics and Hardware

M3 Technology is a woman owned, small business which has been serving the Aerospace, Defense, Electronics and Automotive sectors for more than a decade. Founded in 1998, and certified to the AS 9120 & ISO 9001 International Standards, M3 is well equipped to handle any and all requirements our customers might have.

Registered with the US Department of State, and will a strong International Trade Division, M3 Technology is fully capable of overseeing a truly global supply chain. From AOG to overhaul needs, to custom manufacturing and obsolete, hard to find components the men and woman of M3 Technology stand ready to serve.

M3 Technology services fall into 3 different categories:

Armored Ground Vehicle Support

M3 Technology is an experienced and dedicated supplier of service and support for a wide range of armored ground vehicles. Counting industry stalwarts as the core of its supply chain, M3 Technology is able to provide parts and supplies anywhere in the world at a moment's notice.

From diesel engine parts to fans, from gaskets to armor plating, M3 Technology fields a team of expert support professionals committed to ensuring our customers receive nothing less than the best service, supplies and support.

Armored Ground Vehicle SupportMilitary Vehicle Spares and Parts

Military Aircraft Spares and Service

Speed and responsiveness are key in maintaining the world's air forces, and these tenants form the backbone of M3 Technology's Aerospace Division providing military aircraft spares and services. AOG service and a devoted team of supply chain experts allow M3 Technology to supply parts and supplies around the world, when and where they are needed.

With more than a decade's worth of experience, M3 Technology is the source for hardware, avionics, and overhaul needs. From nose to tail, and everything in between, M3 Technology is the choice for everything from the 747 and the Huey to the Joint Strike Fighter and Mi-17 helicopter.

Military Aircraft Parts Military Aircraft Spares and Services

Military Electronics and Hardware

Military Electronics HardwareProduct integrity is the name of the game at M3 Technology, and we recognize how critically important it is in maintaining the integrity of a military supply chain. Extensive inspection regimes, coupled with a thoroughly screened and maintained supply base allow M3 Technology to provide only the highest quality military electronics and hardware devices for use on a wide range of military platforms.

Drawing on the same cornerstones of customer service, responsiveness, and superior pricing, M3 Technology is the source for active and passive devices, resistors, capacitors, and all of the other devices that keep the world moving.

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