Nacre’s QUIETPRO Achieves Highest Protection Rating

Nacre AS

Nacre is delighted to announce that the QUIETPRO® Intelligent Hearing System has achieved the highest possible hearing protection rating from the renowned French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis (ISL), situated in Southern Alsacia, close to the German and Swiss border. The study was commissioned by a European Soldier Modernisation Programme office, with the purpose of assessing the levels of protection offered by current ear protection systems. The final report details the results achieved against both high-level impulse sound pressure data from various in-service weaponry [used by the Armed Forces of the sponsoring country], as well as pyrotechnic devices and shock-waves from explosions up to 190dB.

Military Ear Protection - Nacre QUIETPROISL’s main conclusion is that the QUIETPRO® Intelligent Hearing System provides an average attenuation of 35dB, and hence fulfils the attenuation requirements of protection CLASS 3. This high-level protection will allow the infantry soldier to wear QUIETPRO® as a standalone headset for all combat scenarios, and to use all of the different weapon systems and vehicles in the inventory of the Army that sponsored the study. Additionally, ISL acknowledged that the test measurements confirm the reliability of the Nacre’s published technical specifications.

Upon receiving the results, Dr Jarle Svean, Nacre’s Chief Technical Officer commented: “We are delighted that ISL, one of the world’s leading acoustic research establishments, has formally determined the high and unmatched levels of performance of the QUIETPRO®. It is this type of damaging impulsive noise the QUIETPRO® was designed to protect against while providing a high degree of situational awareness to the user”.

Nacre is able to supply further details and complete copies of the report upon request.

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