Losberger RDS

Suppliers of Rapid Deployment Shelters

Losberger Rapid Deployment Systems SAS and Losberger RDS GmbH are members of the Losberger Group, one of the world leading companies providing mobile structures with more than 90 years market experience and over 600 employees and 10 locations worldwide.

Losberger Rapid Deployment Systems SAS, based in France, Paris, was established in 2008. The company was formed when companies Bachmann and TMB merged. Bachmann was founded in 1947 and TMB was founded in 1980.

Losberger RDS GmbH, based in Fuerfeld, Germany, is the renaming of the former inflatable tents sales division of AiS Autoflug GmbH, founded in 2004. Losberger RDS GmbH has existed since 2008.

Deployable Shelters

Deployable Shelters - Military Inflatable TentLosberger Rapid Deployment Systems is known worldwide for its activities in the provision of deployable shelters. Under the names Losberger Rapid Deployment Systems SAS and Losberger RDS GmbH the company provides their deployable shelters for a range of applications.

Examples for the use of Losberger shelters include safe accommodation, kitchens, laundries and medical facilities for civilians affected by natural disasters or displaced by war. Losberger also provide mobile shelters for military forces. These shelters can be used in the same way as the shelters for civilians but can also be used for the safe storage and / or maintenance of military vehicles, aircrafts and equipment. Structures for military use can also feature a camouflage pattern to avoid detection by enemy forces.

Semi Permanent Buildings

Semi Permanent BuildingsAs part of the Losberger Group, which operates all over the world, Losberger RDS has an especially wide range of semi permanent buildings.

The product range includes;

  • Inflatable tents
  • Tents with aluminium/steel frames
  • Domes and hangars
  • Rescue, isolation and transport units
  • Halls with controlled humidity
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Storage halls
  • Maintenance facilities

The inflatable tents are operational in a few minutes and can be used for a variety of purposes such as field hospitals, operation theatres, command posts and NBC decontamination showers just to name a few.

The tents and halls made from aluminium or steel frames are available in various sizes and are used for many applications. These include housing people, storing commodities, vehicles and airplanes. They are also used for medical services or as a canteen building.

The company supplies their deployable structure systems to armed forces, aid organisations, the Red Cross, fire services, industry and civil defence organisations all around the world.

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