L-3 Communications: Ruggedized Command and Control Solutions

Military Hardware Systems

L-3 Ruggedized Command & Control Solutions offers advanced display and computer solutions to military and federal markets worldwide. Providing a broad array of hardware products and systems to shipboard systems integrators, sheltered, tracked and wheeled vehicles and airborne platforms in addition to law enforcement vehicles, the division has greater than 20,000 displays and 25,000 computers in operation. L-3 Ruggedized Command & Control Solutions also provides extensive interactive electronic technical manual authoring and remote diagnostic systems solutions for military and federal customers. Combined with advance hardware solutions the division provides intelligent, robust and competitive solutions to the marketplace.

RCCS has a long and documented history of providing ruggedized computer and display systems design, development, manufacturing and full life cycle support for each of the U.S. military services. We have become a recognized defense industry leader within the computer/display systems market and have developed specialized engineering expertise focused on providing low cost, flexible architecture and upgradeable systems solutions utilizing ruggedized COTS technology. RCCS is ISO 9001 certified.

We are extensively involved in supporting the DoD initiative associated with adapting commercial products into the military systems environment and have developed technical and acquisition processes to accommodate market driven changes and obsolescence. These processes have been implemented to support all of our products from development through the in-service phases of acquisition. We are committed to ensuring that our COTS solutions yield the best total ownership costs for our customers.

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