Kontron Flex-ATX KTQ77/Flex Embedded Motherboard


Kontron present a new high-standard embedded motherboard, Kontron Flex-ATX. Kontron's Flex-ATX KTQ77/Flex embedded motherboard supports Third gen Intel Core processors.

Flex-ATX Embedded Motherboard

With expanded computing power, long term availability as high as twenty percent, a forty percent increase in performance-per watt and a fifty percent improvement in graphics performance relative to traditional boards with 2nd gen processors, the Flex-ATX embedded motherboard is Kontron's most powerful ATX-compliant embedded motherboard yet. Added to the board's exhaustive range of connectivity options and cutting edge serial IO performance with USB 3, PCI Express 3 and parallel expansion ports, the system provides the optimal slution for upgrading old models and introducing novel applications in almost all specialist markets.

Kontron KTQ77 Flex

The versatile Kontron KTQ77/Flex offers developers and original equipment manufacturers all they require to develop specialist applications without further modification. The enhanced SSE and Intel AVX instruction sets and built-in Turbo Boost technology 2.0 offer increased numbers of floating point operations and vector calculations at a decreased power requirement - perfect for use in medical, military and industrial automation systems.

For tasks needing large-scale parallel computing, the Kontron KTQ77/Flex is fully compatible with Open CL 1.1 and features a PCIe 3 graphics port for a customisable, high-spec GPGPU (General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit). For visually demanding requirements (digital signs, gaming, etc), the system features Intel HD 4000 graphics with thirty percent extra execution units for improved graphics.

Hardware developers and Original Equipment Manufacturers can take advantage of a twofold increase in three dimensional graphics performance and high definition media capabilities offering an enhanced user experience and impressive visual effects. The system even enables multi-screen set-ups with three independent, simultaneous displays without requiring a separate graphics controller. Also, the system features a CRT, an LVDS and 2 DisplayPort connections for connection to all major monitor designs. The system also supports OpenGL 3.1, Open CL 1.1 and DirectX 11so developers can take advantage of the most current APIs to greatly simplify the design of new software applications. The system features a versatile range of connectors for up to 160 GPIO with a DAC (digital to analog converter) and ADC (analog-digital converter) reducing the requirement for separate input/output boards, and hence cutting the costs of development and materials.

Kontron KTQ77/Flex

The new Kontron KTQ77/Flex embedded motherboard is built on the latest third generation Intel Core chips nd provides an exceptionally flexible performance range with up to 32 GB DDR3 RAM and a clock speed of 3.8 Gigahertz. The system features LVDS, CRT and 2 display port video connections. The Flex-ATX motherboard accommodates 2 PCI slots and 1 PCIe x16 slot plus 10 USB 2 connections, 4 USB 3 connections and three GbE-LAN ports for impressive networking capabilities and support for multiple peripheral devices.

The motherboard also features Intel AMT 8.0 active management technology offering reduced costs, increased system availability and effortless maintenance. Muktiple storage devices ma be added due to the systems 6 SATA Interfaces (two SATA 600s and four SATA 150/300 connections) with RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10 capabilities and a mini-SATA connection for a cutting-edge on-board solid state drive. The motherboard also features a Trusted Platform Module for secure cryptoprocessing and impressive high definition audio.

All Kontron embedded motherboards offer a 7 year availability with exceptional reliability and stability thanks to their diligent use of high-quality, high-spec components. The system supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Embedded Standard 7 together with Linux (multiple implementations including red Flag, Red Hat Enterprise, Novell SuSE Linix Enterprise and Wind River) and VxWorks.

Visit the website for further information on Kontron's Flex-ATX embedded motherboard KTQ77/Flex.

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