Kejo Limited Company

Body Armour, Bomb Blankets, Ballistic Helmets

We supply body armour to level IV (NIJ),bomb and ballistic blankets, bomb disposal suits, demining equipment, shields and helmets under our registered trade mark Kejo™.

We also offer bomb and metal detection equipment, X Ray machines, explosive ordnance disposal tools, and many other products in the fight against terrorism. On request we custom make bomb and ballistic resistant products including vehicle protection and even helicopter floor ballistic protection.

Body Armour, Rifle Plates and Ballistic Helmets

Kejo offer a wide selection of body armour including neck, groin and arm protectors, steel or Kevlar sternum plates, ceramic rifle plates with up to level IV protection, and body cooling equipment. Kejo also supply protective vests ranging from general purpose tactical vests to military, police and civilian vests, stab proof vests and demining vests.

As well as a comprehensive range of protective body armour, Kejo also have vests for rental. These are ideal for journalists and reporters travelling into war zones.

Kejo have helmets and visors offering ballistic protection for a variety of applications. Our Special Forces helmets are very popular and we were recently awarded a contract for the US Coast Guard. Helmet covers may be purchased in Desert Tan or Woodland camo colours.

Custom Bomb Blankets and Ballistic Protection

Kejo stock an assortment of bomb and fragmentation blankets. These come with optional 'safety circles' which may be placed around suspect objects. Blankets can protect against bomb blasts, and may be used in demining and IED/EOD operations. Some blankets also protect against handguns and other threats. Kejo also offer seat and cargo protection blankets for use in troop carriers

Industrial factories also use our blankets to protect their workers in case of an explosion. The blankets are generally tied around potentially dangerous machines. We have recently been awarded several US Army and US Navy contracts to supply Bomb and Ballistic Blankets.

EOD Suits and Demining Equipment

Kejo offer specialised explosive ordnance disposal suits featuring high levels of protection and flexibility. Suits feature hand and spine protectors, protective plates for the chest, throat and groin, collars and shoe covers. Helmets include an air ventilation system as well as a headlight mounting and an inbuilt communications system. Our Bomb Disposal suits are widely used and our EOD tools are becoming popular with bomb disposal specialists.

Kejo stock a range of demining equipment including Kevlar demining suits with protective visors. Also available are separate Mineproof sanndals, boots, shinguards, demining vests and helmets for deminers in the police and army. Other equipment includes mine prodders and detectors, solar powered markers and demining toolkits.

Riot equipment

Kejo riot equipment includes riot shields, helmets, protective pads and vests, batons and catch nets. Also available are extraction units and decontamination units for OC and CS gas removal, as well as neutralisers for pepper spray and tear gas.

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