IES Interactive Training USA

Simulator Manufacture

IES Interactive Training USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Arotech Corporation [Nasdaq: ARTX], is a world-leading U.S. manufacturer of interactive digital training simulators to government agencies, military police, law enforcement and security professionals around the globe. By providing unique judgment-driven systems designed by an experienced team of professionals, IES sets the standard for interactive simulation training.

Award-winning products include the Range3000 XP4 Firearms training Simulator, the Range FDU an advanced firearms diagnostic unit; and the A2Z Classroom Trainer for interactive, real-time learning. These products have been designed to provide the ultimate in realism for both the instructor and the student.

IES Interactive Training USA has fielded simulation training systems to some of the world’s most prestigious police and security forces, including the F.B.I., US Secret Service, Royal Thai Army Special Forces, U.S Army, Air Force and Coast Guard, German Riot Police, Taiwanese Diplomatic Security services, NASA Police and hundreds of other agencies around the world.

IES believes that in to win the international war on terrorism and to protect citizens and property at home and abroad, police and security agencies must train with the best. That is why IES products have been chosen repeatedly over and over by the finest forces in the world—because they are the best.

IES Interactive Training USA invites you to learn more about our award-winning simulators for military, police and security forces.

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