Military Aircraft Hangars Suppliers


    DORCE offer high quality prefabricated buildings for social, industrial and military applications. The company have completed turnkey camps, military base facilities and storage facilities.

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    7.Cadde 1325 Sok., Ankara, 06460
  • Jewers Doors Limited

    The Phoenix range of insulated sliding folding doors are designed for all manner of vehicle openings, including fire and ambulance stations and helicopter hangars. In addition, our High Performance range, has many special features.

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    United Kingdom
    Stratton Business Park, Biggleswade, SG18 8QB
  • Mekon Paneel

    Mekon Paneel provide helicopter and airplane hangar doors as well as general electrical garage doors for military and civilian applications.

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    Fabrika Str. No. 106, Ankara, Turkey
  • Trimo Investment

    Trimo are producers of prefabricated modular units and temporary buildings for the Military. Reinforced against artillery fire, the facilities have all the necessary units such as kitchen & dining, telecommunications and hospital.

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    Golijev trg 1, Trebnje, 8210 Trebnje
  • Utilis SAS

    Utilis specializes in the manufacture of mobile field hospitals, decontamination units and military shelters.

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    Rue Abbe, Mariotte, BP 64 F57365
  • W. Giertsen HallSystem AS Shelters

    W. Giertsen HallSystem AS offer a range of temporary and semi-permanent fabric halls for peacekeeping operations and military applications.

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    Nygårdsviken 1, Postterminalen, 5165
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