Griffon Hovercraft Ltd

World Leading Production

Griffon Hovercraft Limited’s Chairman, Dr. E.W.H. Gifford, was asked by the inventor of the hovercraft, Sir Christopher Cockerell, to help set up the world’s first hovercraft operation in the early 1960s.

Having subsequently operated gas turbine powered hovercraft for some time, Dr. Gifford decided that it would be far preferable for a hovercraft to be built like a boat rather than like an aircraft, and so he formed Griffon Hovercraft Ltd (“GHL”) in 1976.

The first craft were built with petrol engines but in 1984, with the increase in power of diesel engines, GHL became the first company in the world to install a diesel engine into a small to medium-sized hovercraft. Since that day, all craft have been equipped with diesel engines and GHL has invented many systems and modifications on their hovercraft (ducted propellers, skirt shift etc), which have since been copied worldwide.

Griffon Hovercraft Limited has always led the world in the design, development, manufacture and operation of these hovercrafts and produces the largest range of craft available in the world today.

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