Schott North America

High Quality Glass and Ceramic Products

By Land. By Air. By Sea. By SCHOTT.

Arlington, Virginia based company, SCHOTT North America have been providing high quality glass and glass ceramic products for the military and security industries for over 40 years. SCHOTT products such as, armor materials, electronic packaging, fiber optics and optics are used by soldiers every day to help increase protection and maximise mission efficiency.

It is fairly likely that you come into contact with SCHOTT products every day, possibly even several times a day. SCHOTT is the leading supplier of fiber optic components for use in night vision technologies. Additionally the impressive ballistic performance of SCHOTT lightweight glass and glass ceramics improves the survivability of their force protection products.

Hermetically Sealed Packaging

The safety of people and their electronic devices are of utmost importance in extreme environments. Around the globe, SCHOTT develops, produces and supplies hermetically sealed packaging for the protection of sensitive electronics and large hermetic penetrators for bulkheads in nuclear-powered carriers and submarines. Our packages include microelectronic packages, transistor outlines (TOs) and electrical penetration assemblies (EPAs) made of reliable glass-to-metal seals (GTMS) or ceramic-to-metal seals (CerTMS, CerTO). Using superior technological know-how, SCHOTT’s hermetic packages are vacuum tight and more reliable than plastic seals. Our electrical penetration assemblies fulfill the most stringent specifications and have a noteworthy 60-year life cycle, even in the harshest environments.

Force Protection Products

Force Protection Products - Glass and Glass-Ceramic ArmorSCHOTT glass and glass-ceramic are widely used in the field today as windshields in military vehicles, glazing for aircraft cockpits and protective glass for civilian security applications. With our industry partners, we are developing new materials and systems for use in future armor systems that will need to remain reliable in extreme environments. SCHOTT’s glass-ceramic and borosilicate glass are in many ways superior to soda-lime glass substrates, offering outstanding ballistic performance and higher light transmittance at a lower weight. In fact, our borosilicate glass is 12 percent lighter than soda-lime float glass, meeting the military’s demand for force protection products that are lighter, but maintain the ballistic qualities that keep our soldiers safe.

Fiber Optics Solutions

Fiber Optics Solutions - Night Vision Goggles In UseSCHOTT’s fiber optics solutions enable the defense industry to develop night vision, display and other technologies that are smaller, lighter and more effective. In addition to being the largest provider of night vision fiber optics to the military, SCHOTT currently supplies a wide range of products, with more in development with our defense industry partners. As a result of our precise engineering and partnerships, we unveiled a new multipoint Image Assembler last fall that enables one remote surveillance camera to capture and compile individual images to create a panoramic field of view, providing a lightweight, easier-to-use solution for our customers.

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