General Dynamics Canada

Suppliers of Military Rugged Computers and Displays

GD Canada offers military rugged computers and military rugged display products to the US and International Militaries.

GD Canada products include a range of rugged displays with sizes including: 2x4in, 4x8in, 5.5in, 6.4in, 8.4in, 10.4in, 12.1in, 15.4in, 18.1in, 20.1in, and 21.3in.

GD Canada also offers conduction-cooled single-board rugged computers and military single-board power supplies, rugged smart displays with built-in computing capability, and rugged computers.

Rugged military display and computer standards: Performance standards include MIL-STD-810E, MIL-STD 1275AT, MIL-STD 461D, and nuclear hardening. Displays are optically engineered, and configurable with features such as sunlight viewable, high brightness, NVIS compliance, night vision goggle compatibility and low power consumption. Display inputs can be configured to RS-170 black/white and color video (PAL/NTSC), analog input (e.g. VGA, sync on green, etc.), and digital input (LVDS, LDI, DVI).

A full range of extreme environmental qualification is available, such as operating temperatures from -47ºC to +71ºC, and support for products extends to repair services, full qualification, testing, and product and program life cycle management.

Mission-proven complete rugged display and rugged computer capabilities GD Canada products have been mission-proven for more than 20 years to provide reliability and performance and to save costs in platforms such as the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, the Abrams M1A2 SEP, AAAV (now EFV), the Blackhawk helicopter, the NATO/AWACS, the Trident submarine, Stryker, and BOWMAN platforms.

The range of standard products is augmented by complete rugged display and rugged computer customization capabilities, vetronics integration capabilities, airborne and naval console system and subsystem capabilities, based on military-proven components and battle-proven experience.

Further Information: GD Canada products are highlighted on the GD Canada rugged computer and display web site, listed below. For a free subscription to the GD Canada Computer and Display Newsletter, please email the cdpnews address listed below, with the subject.

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