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Jotron are one of the most reputable names in military ATC communications, flight data recording and reply solutions. Jotron's communications equipment has been serving the military for more than thirty years, providing advanced UHF and VHF aeronautical radios that surpass today's stringent standards.

All radios and recording equipment are fully digital, delivering voice communication over IP channels. The company's systems are modular in design, so provide maximum flexibility in building the best possible ATC and recording systems, offering both turnkey and custom solutions. In 2012, the company acquired Ricochet and now provides some of the most reliable, functional and innovative flight data recording.

Military ATC Radios

For defense applications, Jotron provide the 4000 series - a powerful military ATC radio platform with multimode functionality and VHF/UHF ground to air bands. The radios benefit from an extremely rugged design and can operate in virtually any environment, supporting analogue FM and AM narrow band, as well as digital voice.

Ideal for military communications, the system is designed for Have Quick 1& 2, in addition to being compatible with Vinson secure audio systems and Link 11. The radio's design exceeds ICAO recommendations and global EMC requirements, as well as working in line with NATO standards.

The Jotron 4000 series is a future proof solution, ready for today's challenges and further air communications developments.

Multimode Digital Radios

Jotron's 4000 series are multimode digital radios ideally suited to professional air defense communications. The radios are ideal for remote systems, installed as part of LAN networks and accessible through IP peripherals. With Jotron's remote software installed on a laptop computer, the user has access to all radio data, including live audio.

The radios feature BIT (Built In Test) that enables detailed monitoring of the unit. All varieties of radio communication will be monitored by the equipment and displayed on designated remote access points, for assessment and analysis of communications. Jotron multimode radios are extremely flexible, offering many possible frequency configurations including uhf/vhf/rx/tx. Given the system's modular design, various power amplifiers and filters are available, depending on the scenario.

Flight Data Recording

Ricochet's flight data recording and replay equipment gives operators a comprehensive view of military aircraft movements, performance and flight history. Recording and replaying information from a variety or sources, including visual, radar and digital audio. Installed as a single system, the Ricochet Recorder greatly benefits air traffic controllers in improving the efficiency of operations, presenting the total picture for assessment and analysis.

The recording equipment captures audio communications with aircraft and throughout the airbase, including records of background noise present at the ATC station. The system supports both digital and analogue audio formats with no limitation of the number of recording channels. In addition, the equipment is able to capture radar data, accessing sensor information for the most detailed recording and replay functionality.

Ricochet's flight data recorder captures screen images with excellent precision and clarity, even the smallest detail, such as mouse movements and screen prompts displayed to controllers. The technology uses the very latest frame rate converter system to capture the highest resolutions without compromising picture fidelity. The platform then offers expert replay options , enabling users to playback data sources simultaneously through an intuitive user interface. Data can be assessed from within the system or exported for further analysis.


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