Field Hospitals Suppliers

Military and tactical field hospitals for deployment in different situations, including frontline and battle applications. Suppliers provide mobile hospitals, decontamination units and shelters.

  • Innervate Ltd.

    Healthcare and Medical Education, Healthcare Events & Marketing

    Innervate Limited works in partnership with leading healthcare professionals and patients to stimulate creativity to make connection in healthcare through various events and healthcare media.

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    United Kingdom
    117 Waterloo Road,], Lambeth, SE1 8UL
  • J & S Franklin Ltd

    Manufacturers and Suppliers of Textile Based Products and DefenCell Protection

    J & S Franklin Ltd has over 60 years of experience providing a range of military camping equipment and accessories. After over a decade of research and development, J & S and their partners have developed DefenCell.

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    United Kingdom
    151 The Strand, London, WC2R 1HL
  • Nordic Shelter AS

    Mobile Military Shelters, Field Kitchens, Command Posts, Medical Units

    Nordic manufacture a collection of mobile military shelters, including tactical shelters, command posts, field kitchens, medical units. They also provide ballistic proof shelters and cargo transport units.

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    Rosenborgveien 3, Fredrikstad, NA

    Drash - Large Deployable Shelter, Transportable Trailers, Shelter Support Equipment

    DRASH supply Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelters, portable command and control equipment and shelter support equipment for military applications.

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    33 Kings Highway, Orangeburg, 10962
  • Mobile Medical International Corporation

    Manufacturer of Portable Surgery Units

    Mobile Medical International Corporation is the designer and manufacturer of Mobile Surgery Units™ (MSU™), fully-functional and self-sufficient surgical suites on wheels.

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    PO Box 672, 2176 Portland Street, Saint Johnsbury, 05819
  • Smiths Medical International Ltd

    Emergency Military Healthcare

    Smiths Medical offers market-leading solutions in two major areas, Anesthesia & Safety Devices and Medication Delivery & Patient Management.

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    United Kingdom
    Eureka Park, Ashford, TN25 4BF
  • Trimo Investment

    Prefabricated Modular Units and Military Buildings

    Trimo are producers of prefabricated modular units and temporary buildings for the Military. Reinforced against artillery fire, the facilities have all the necessary units such as kitchen & dining, telecommunications and hospital.

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    Golijev trg 1, Trebnje, 8210 Trebnje
  • Uniteam International

    Mobile Tactical Shelter Systems and Steel Containers

    Uniteam International is a world leader in container design and integration of tactical shelters. Working with European and US partners we form one of the largest manufacturing bases for military containers.

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    Postbox 44, Skedsmokorset, 2021
  • Utilis SAS

    Defence Tactical Shelters, NBC Protection and Mobile Decontamination Units

    Utilis specializes in the manufacture of mobile field hospitals, decontamination units and military shelters.

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    Rue Abbe, Mariotte, BP 64 F57365
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