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Ex Military Recruitment Service

Welcome to Ex-Mil Recruitment Ltd. We offer a complete recruitment service for the Armed Forces, so whether it is Jobs for Ex Army, Jobs for Ex Navy or Jobs for Ex Air Force Personnel, we can help. We also have a dedicated Ex Military Recruitment Website. This puts us in a unique position where we can understand both the needs of the employer and the employee and help you achieve what you need, so recruit The Best Ex Military Personnel.

Ex Military Recruitment Service and Job Placements

Whether you are thinking of leaving the armed Forces, or have already left, please visit our ex military jobs placement and recruitment service for more information on the range of jobs available.

If you are leaving the Forces or just curious to see what is out here, please take a look at our current vacancies section, as we have Jobs for Ex Army, Navy and Air Force Personnel from all over the world. You have a number of avenues to help you find roles in Civvie Street, CTP, RFEA, and other consultancies, and all are there to help you make the transition to civilian life.

Temporary and Permanent Jobs for Ex Military Personnel

The types of personnel who have left or are leaving the military are used to hard work, are very task orientated, used to working under pressure and have a multitude to skills ranging from IT/Telecoms, Security, Project Management, Transport/Logistics, Admin, Engineering, Avionics, Marine, as well as security cleared personnel.

Ex-Mil Recruitment are able to offer employers a range of services ex-military personnel for temporary and permanent jobs;

  • Contingency recruitment, supplying temporary staff on an hourly, daily weekly or monthly charge rate
  • Permanent, assignment based recruitment for a one off charge fee
  • Project Management, a fixed price to supply contractors for an agreed period allowing you to maintain your budget.
  • Search & Selection, retained individual assignments, including advertisement design, implementation, response, pre-screening & skills testing of candidates
  • Outsourcing, full recruitment service, under your company name (either on or off site) so candidates feel that they are dealing direct with your company.

If you wish to know about the above services, please feel free to contact one of our experience consultants who would be happy to discuss how Ex-Mil Recruitment can assist you further to source the right individuals you require for your needs on 0844 478 0562.

Employment of Ex Military Personnel

We offer a range of recruitment solutions for employment of ex military personnel.

  • We have currently 8114 highly skilled and dedicated ex military candidates registered with us who have proved themselves time and again and are seeking roles across the globe.
  • We can provide your company with a number of recruitment solutions, which can help your company in the Short, Medium and Long term.
  • Why Ex-Mil, simple, with over 12 years of recruitment industry experience and with over 10 years of military experience, we are ideally placed to understand your needs, and to help you find the right personnel.

We are dedicated in trying to offer you the roles you want, with companies that appreciate your skills, and abilities and who are willing to pay you a fair and decent wage for your services.

Jobs for Ex Army, Navy and Air Force Personnel

Ex-Mil Recruitment offers free job information for ex army, ex navy and ex airforce personnel

The consultants’ here have all served in the military and are now dedicated in helping you find your ideal role in “civvie” street. We know how stressful this can seem to be, as we have done it and got through it. To back up our commitment, we will be donating 10% of our company profit to charity, (see Charity Page)

Our services are completely free to you, your only “cost” will be spending a couple of minutes filling out the forms, loading your CV/Resume and keeping an eye on the site, so please feel free to register, what do you have to lose?

If we had your back ground and knowledge and we were looking for work, would we work for this company? If the answer is yes, you will see the vacancy listed, if not then no.

The services that we offer to you are totally free of charge, the only cost is spending a couple of minutes loading on your details and checking the vacancies section.

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