European Antennas Ltd

European Antennas Ltd specialise in the design and manufacture of microwave antennas within the frequency band 250MHz to 28GHz, with capability for specialist antennas up to 40GHz.

The company's directional flat panel, sector, conformal, omni-directional, broadband and narrowband antennas are used world-wide within many military and satellite applications. Working with many well-known commercial and government organisations, antennas have been developed for mounting on UAVs, for fixed and mobile communications such as in convoys, high data rate transmission such as Link16, orbiting and ground based radio communication systems.

Development projects are undertaken for specific projects. Their on-site near field spherical test facility ensures antennas under development meet radiation pattern envelopes. All antennas are tested throughout manufacture to ensure they meet quoted specification. Existing antenna designs can be customised, with a large catalogue of COTS antennas available.

European Antennas Ltd was formed in 1991 and is now part of the Cobham Antennas Division, within Cobham plc. The research and development laboratory, test facility, manufacturing plant and administration offices are at their Cheveley plant in the UK.

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