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Discover Electronic Parts and Components companies supplying products and services specifically to the Military industry on the Copybook Global Business Network

  • Brugg Kabel AG

    Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Systems

    BRUGG Cables has developed the Fiber Optic Cable System BRUGG MILLE. It represents a new standard of field deployable Fiber Optic cable.

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    Klosterzelgstrasse 28, Brugg, 5200 Brugg
  • Data Device Corporation

    Connectivity | Power | Control

    Data Device Corporation (DDC) has distinguished itself as an innovator in the development and production of cards, software and components for military defense programs.

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    105 Wilbur Place, Bohemia, 11716-2482
  • InnaLabs® Ltd

    High Performance ITAR-Free Inertial Sensors

    InnaLabs® is a leading manufacturer of high-performance inertial sensors, including tactical grade, coriolis vibratory gyroscopes and navigation grade, quartz servo accelerometers.

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    Ireland, Republic Of
    Blanchardstown Industrial Park, Snugborough Rd, Blanchardstown, Dublin, 15
  • Cyclops Electronics Ltd

    Military Components Supplier

    Cyclops Electronics Ltd is a stocking distributor of electronic components, supplying service and manufacturing companies around the world.

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    United Kingdom
    Osbaldwick, York, YO10 3JB
  • Electronic Expediters, Inc.

    Electronic Expediters, Inc.

    Electronic Material specialzes in the supply of electric components and military component parts.

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    Riverside Drive, Toluca Lake, 91602
  • ELSIS Elk Sist San AS

    Military Power Conversion Products

    ELSIS AS specialize in the development and supply of military power conversion products such as rugged power supplies, military grade battery chargers and AC line voltage regulators.

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    Ozanadolu Sitesi. 1450. Sok. No:66, Ankara, 06370
  • Fischer Connectors

    Rugged Military Connectors for Mission-Critical Applications

    Fischer Connectors design and manufacture high-performance secure and rugged connectors for military applications, providing solutions for the latest and most sophisticated electronic systems.

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    Chemin du Glapin 20, Saint-Prex, 1162
  • Gresham Power

    Naval Power Conversion and Distribution Equipment

    Gresham Power is a specialist provider of military grade power distribution and conversion products. Supplying the British Royal Navy, the company installs advanced DC distribution systems, as well as other products, for submarines and naval vessels

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    United Kingdom
    Gresham House, Salisbury, SP2 7PH
  • Hydro Group

    Range Cables, Polyethylene Moulding and Encapsulation Polyurethane

    Hydro Group plc is a total sub sea solution provider with 25 years as market leader.

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    United Kingdom
    Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, AB23 8EF
  • Kinetics Ltd

    Military Support Providers

    Founded in 1985 Kinetics Ltd. is internationally recognized as a leading developer and manufacturer of specialized systems for Military Vehicles (e.g. MBT, IFV, APC, CPV, SPH, Missile Launchers, Tactical Trucks, etc.) and for Aircraft.

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    PO Box 50, Lod, 79100
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