Military Vehicle Remanufacture, Automotive Spares and Training

IVEMA (Pty) Ltd is an indigenous South African Defence Industry company that provides a range of innovative and specialised solutions for defence, security and humanitarian aid clients with its main focus on land system applications. IVEMA designs, develops and produces vehicles required for military, public security and humanitarian aid tasks with a particular emphasis on
mine and ballistic protection.

In late 2005 IVEMA designed and developed the GILA 4x4 Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected (MRAP) family of vehicles which are currently being produced in South Africa for export. IVEMA also provides various military and security organisations with military vehicle remanufacture solutions, vehicle spares acquisitions programmes, field equipment, training simulators, weapon mounts and light turrets, vehicle and technical training programmes, as well as the documentation services necessary for fleet maintenance and logistic support.

IVEMA has also applied its experience and expertise to develop vehicle and weapon sub-system design solutions that have been manufactured in-conjunction with the client.

IVEMA's core capabilities include:

  • Design and development of Mine and Ballistic protected vehicles
  • Military vehicle re-manufacture programmes
  • Vehicle maintenance, support and training programmes
  • Vehicle spares programmes
  • Training simulator programmes
  • Vehicle logistic documentation services
  • Marketing defence and security related products and services
  • Weapon mounts and light turrets

GILA 4x4 MRAP Vehicle

IVEMA’s South African designed Gila 4x4 Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle was launched in 2006. The Gila 4x4 provides a high-mobility vehicle platform suited for the battlefields of today. It’s all-welded armour steel V-shaped monocoque hull provides protection against the equivalent of 21 kg of TNT under any wheel and 14 kg of TNT anywhere under the hull. This level of mine-blast protection exceeds Nato’s highest level of mine-blast protection (Nato Stanag 4b). During international mineblast trials in South America and South East Asia the GILA successfully withstood a mine-blast equivalent to 19 kg TNT without penetration or deformation of the hull.


The GILA 4x4 MRAP Vehicle



GILA 4X4 MRAP Variants

The Gila Battlefield Ambulance which now serves under the UN in Darfur
The Gila’s high payload of 3 800 kg and ample interior space has allowed IVEMA to include the following variants: armoured personnel carrier, battlefield ambulance, mortar platform, electronic warfare vehicle, battlefield resupply platform, and command and control vehicle. All GILA armoured vehicle variants have the same high mobility with excellent 4x4 performance, whilst offering high mine and ballistic-protection levels. The Gila incorporates a number of proven modern automotive sub-systems that are readily available with proven reliability and maintainability. All Gila vehicles are fitted with Run Flat Inserts in all tyres to provide critical mobility from the area of immediate threat.

Ivema has supplied African armed forces with the Gila MRAP patrol vehicles which are now deployed in Darfur under the UN mission. The Gila 4x4 MRAP APC and Battlefield Ambulance variants are now in service with seven armed forces across the African continent.

GILA 4x4 MRAP Variants

Ivema GILA MRAP Variants


Vehicle Remanufacture Progammes

IVEMA has successfully completed various military & security 4th line re-manufacture programmes using ex-stock vehicles. Client requirements that have been accommodated into repair programmes include: Modifications; Internal re-configuration; Weapon mounts and turrets; Integration of  communication equipment and Training & spares programmes.

IVEMA Vehicle Remanufacture Programmes

IVEMA Automotive Spares and Training


Automotive Spares and Training

Ivema also supplies military and security forces with vehicle spares. Spares programmes include 4th line repair, packing and preservation as well as the necessary documentation for logistic management. Ivema offers various vehicle-related courses with all its packages and is able to tailor-make these training packages according to client requirements. Training courses offered include vehicle operator courses, various driver courses, auto-electrical and auto-mechanical courses.

Documentation and Product Support

All vehicle programmes are supported with the required documentation services necessary for fleet maintenance and logistic support.

Training Simulators

IVEMA in conjunction with e.Sigma offers small arms and tactical manoeuvre training simulators for cost effective, safe and customised training. The training simulators are suitable for all instruction levels, from civil law enforcement applications to Special Forces training. Training courses can be designed by the client, repeated to ensure trainee standards and used for post-training debriefing.

Marketing & Procurement Services

Ivema provides marketing services for a number of defence-related companies. This marketing service provides companies with proven niche products and access to a wide international exposure at a low marketing cost level. IVEMA is able to provide a comprehensive procurement service for military and humanitarian aid organizations.

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