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Firearm Training, Lone Worker Protection and Self Defence Training Course

CTR Services is based in the UK and specialises in a wide range of training services, including self defence training, firearm training courses and close protection training. Lone worker protection and training is also provided by CTR Services. Created by members of the British Special Forces, CTR Services delivers its unique services to both commercial and private clients around the world.

All CTR instructors and operatives are carefully selected from various specialist backgrounds to ensure that they have the skill and experience to deliver a professional and tailored training service to its clients.

CTR Services full range of Training and Services:



  • Security Consultants
  • Lone Worker Protection
  • Close Protection
  • Travel Security
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Investigation Services
  • Personal Tracking

Close Protection Training

Security legislation means that operatives now require an SIA license in order to perform professional close protection and bodyguarding services. CTR Services offers the path to Foundation Degree (FD) in Protective Security Management to close the space between Level 3 bodyguard training qualifications and more advanced training such as higher education training in the area.

CTR Services provides two SIA close protection training courses, the 16 day Corporate Close Protection Operatives Course CCPO and 10 day Hostile Environments Close Protection Operatives Course HECPO tailored to deliver professional services to its existing range of training services.

CTR training programs are conducted in the CTR Training Academy, and have been devised by industry leaders with the background and experience to recognise the high training standards delivered by each training course.

Self Defence Training Course

The specially designed Rapid Action Initiated Defence (R.A.I.D) program provided by CTR includes several leading self defence techniques proven to be effective in even the harshest of terrain and environments. The 3 day self defence training course directs students to a confident level of self defence which will last a lifetime.

The self defence training course is ideal for security workers from all areas of the industry, and can be provided as an intensive course or in modular form as required.

Firearm Training Course

CTR Services recognises that the requirement for professional firearms training continues to increase along with the number of armed operatives that are based around the world. The CTR Services firearms training course equips its students with an industry-recognised qualification and is specially designed to provide all required skills and experience.

Whether in support of previous firearms experience such as military and policing backgrounds, or to enable new users to operate firearms safely, CTR firearms training delivers confidence and certification to anyone operating firearms. The CTR services professional firearms training course is also integrated into two of CTR Services' training courses.

Lone Worker Protection

The extended range of services provided from CTR includes employee travel security, such as lone worker protection solutions. CTR recognises the risks navigated by lone workers and utilises innovative technology to help businesses protect their personnel wherever their duties take them. The lone worker tracking solutions available include GSM (SOS Protect), GPS (SOS Guard) and GPS & Encryption (Sentinel).

Businesses and employers can choose from the three electronic lone worker tracking devices above in accordance with their budget, and professional requirements.

All of our lone worker devices combined with our e-learning and seminar training provide the holistic approach to your duty of care needs to your lone workers. For those that want to have the whole package we now provide a white labelled service to our clients.

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