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Communication/Medical Shelters

Zeppelin Mobile Systeme GmbH (ZMS) of Germany is one of the leading manufacturers of Shelter systems in the world. The company is a direct successor of the famous ZEPPELIN airship construction with a tradition of more than 100 years and still today, the company's philosophy is expressed by the slogan "rooms in motion".

ZMS was one of the first manufacturers of lightweight containers in an aluminium-sandwich-structure and meanwhile their systems are in use in more than 40 countries all over the world. They have been delivered to a large number of international companies and governmental organizations as well as to non-governmental relief and first-aid organizations.

The product range of ZMS is divided into the following major business fields:

ZMC - Zeppelin Mobile Communication

Communication shelter systems / cabins are one of the basic products in the Shelter portfolio of ZMS. They have been sold more than 10,000 times, either as stand-alone units or vehicle-mounted. They have been delivered to various national and international Armed Forces in all common sizes such as e.g. ACE I, II and III, NATO I + II as well as in the ISO formats as 10ft, 15ft or 20ft Shelter.

The communication cabins of ZMS are available in an unshielded version as well as HF-screened (acc. NATO Specification 6516SHCPE/86 and MIL-STD285). Zeppelin is the first manufacturer of lightweight Shelters that offers expandable Shelters (2:1 + 3:1) with a shielding level that comes close to the level of non-expandable Shelters.

This provides large Command Posts with up to 12 working stations with almost the same safety level as standard communication cabins.

ZMM - Zeppelin Mobile Medicare

Medical applications have become one of the most important links in the product chain of ZMS. Whether as single medical units (medical clinics) or as complete mobile field hospitals up to 200 beds, ZMS offers a wide range of medical appliances.

Leading Shelter technology combined with advanced engineering know-how in system integration allows the realization of ambitious turn-key solutions of large medical projects.

From compact 10ft medical Shelter systems for emergency and disaster management to large modular hospital arrangements on basis of extendable 20ft Shelters, the product range of ZMS covers all medical requirements. Through co-operations with well-known suppliers of medical equipment the company corresponds to every medical demand of their clients.

In addition hereto, ZMS also offers ambulance vehicles for military as well as for civilian purposes. The custom-made box body structures are suitable for every carrier vehicle whatsoever, for on-road as well as for off-road purposes.

The permanent efforts of Zeppelin Mobile Systeme GmbH to correspond to new military requirements (e.g. ballistic or NBC protection) has made the company a reliable and trustworthy partner for many Armed Forces all over the world.

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