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DWJ1 Jamming System

unival® group has the main focus on blast protection technologies and is consequently able to offer a unique intersecting product portfolio.

DWJ1® Bomb Jamming System

Programmable Real-Time Digital Wideband Jamming System

The DWJ1® system is the first commercially available high-end digital wideband jamming system, operated with the latest 10GHz FPGA chip-technology, releasing a maxium output power of up to 2.450 Watt. The key advantage is the fact that our jamming system can be individually programmed to threat scenarios in real-time ensuring best possible RCIED-protection at all times. The customizable FPGA software allows to program the system based on an upgradable database.

Based on the same technology portable/ manpack PWJ1® and stationary SWJ® jamming systems are available that can be programmed for optimum efficency.

unival® group - German Security Technologies

unival® group is a Germany based group of companies with headquarter in Bonn – the former capitol of Germany. Over the last years unival® group has developed into a powerful innovator in ballistic and blast protection technologies with both client customized high-end solutions but also magnitude products.

The product portfolio is divided into three main-sections that cover electronic counter measures (ECM) and physical protection against explosives:

  • Intelligence – Night Vision / Thermal Imaging / GPS Tracking
  • Counter Measures – FPGA controlled Digital Wideband Jamming Systems
  • Physical Protection – Automotive and Construction Security

We have recently formed a new company called Hazard Detection Group that is focusing on long-distance detection of hazardious materials (CBRN) such as nuclear materials and biological and chemical substances used for biological warfare. Our clients are governmental organizations, police and defense forces, NGOs, multi-national companies and security companies worldwide.

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