Military Camps and Facilities

Trimo Investment

Trimo are specialist suppliers of modular and prefabricated buildings including military camps and facilities, office buildings and shelters.

Military Camps and Facilities

Living and working in an area for prolonged intervals of time demands a varied range of areas to keep comfort to a maximum. Military camps and facilities include accommodation, cooking facilities, medical units, bars, washing and toilet facilities, postal services and communal living areas. All units are designed for easy transport, rapid assembly, low footprint and maximum.

Military Dining FacilitiesMilitary Camp Facilities

Trimo's extensive range of range of containerised residential facilities, allows planners to find the best solution for each area, and for every application, to make optimum use of space. Turnkey solutions for food provision range from small-scale kitchen units to extensive canteens. Sanitary areas can include toilets, basins and showers. Other units available from Trimo include meeting rooms, dormitories, hospitals, postal facilities, cinemas, communications units, community areas and other recreational buildings.

Modular Camp Facilities

Trimo Investment's broad catalog of modular camp facilities allow them to provide complete turnkey solutions catering for commercial, military and humanitarian applications. Prefabricated and containerised buildings can be easily transported and rapidly deployed, making them an ideal choice for military applications. Trimo's modular solutions enable large scale camp developments to be rapidly ordered and installed, whilst also offering a high level of customisation to meet individual requirements.

Modular Camp FacilitiesMilitary Field Hospital

Modular camps and facilities from Trimo offer a range of benefits including:

  • Flexibility to deploy in the field with no pre-planned infrastructure
  • Modular design for the creation of sophisticated, large-scale multiplex buildings
  • Limitless flexibility in facility design and organisation
  • Technical consulting services to ensure the success of Trimo camp developments
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