LOMAH - Location of Miss and Hit Targets

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LOMAH (Location Of Miss And Hit) target systems use acoustic detectors to calculate the precise location of supersonic shots as they travel past.  The systems can tackle both single shots and sustained bursts of ammunition within two meters of the LOMAH equipped target.  They provide an effective and sustainable mechanism for testing and evaluating marksmanship performance.

Location of Miss and Hit


Sometimes referred to as PLS (Projectile Location System) or AMS (Automated Marking System), the Location Of Miss And Hit device works independently of the target medium, and graphically displays the location of the projectile as it hits or misses the target.  Precise X and Y positions are displayed along with the graphical representation  The LOMAH system is designed to be used either independently, or integrated with existing static or dynamic targets.

Location of Miss and HitLOMAH System

Typically a target or silhouette is used alongside the LOMAH system, but only as a target for the marksman to aim at.  The LOMAH target system allows both supervisor and marksman to quickly gain feedback and evaluate performance.  The technology allows for more efficient use of the firing range, and eliminates the requirement for scoring staff near the line of fire.

LOMAH Target Installations

LOMAH Target Installation

A typical LOMAH target installation could include a range of stationary and moving targets with supporting Location Of Hit And Miss Technology.  Lane discriminators may also be installed to verify the origin of each shot and ensure that shots are allocated to the correct shooter.

Theissen Training systems offer a comprehensive range of moving and stationary, indoor and outdoor targets, including targets for both infantry and tanks.  These are supported by a selection of range control systems ranging from full mobile command vehicles for comprehensive RF control to Training Area Control Facility (TACF) controllers, laptops, portable controllers and rugged, handheld range control units.

LOMAH Target

Theissen supply a collection of supporting equipment such as explosive battlefield effects simulators, artificial smoke, light and sound-based simulation systems for added realism during combat training.  They also stock ballistic shields for protection of training equipment in the firing range, power supplies and target system accessories.

Whatever your training needs, Theissen can advise on all aspects of training range design and installation.  The company keep an extensive collection of spares, and a dedicated service department can help with everything from range maintenance to a complete overhaul of your training equipment.  Contact Theissen Training Systems today to discuss your firing range requirements.

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