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Tamor SMR Providing Wheeled and Tracked Military Vehicle Parts

Tamor SMR Ltd is a manufacturer, designer and developer that supplies the needs of military wheeled and tracked vehicles with metal, rubber bonded to metal and rubber molded parts and assemblies.

Tamor SMR Ltd, active for more than 20 years in supplying the military, implements modern production techniques under the guidance of its experienced managerial team. Tamor consistently supplies dependable, top quality, field-tested parts and assemblies for military vehicle worldwide, meeting and surpassing rigorous arm corps field tested standards and conditions.

Army Vehicle Parts and Assemblies

Tamor SMR Ltd manufactures military vehicle parts and assemblies that support a wide range of vehicles including Tanks, Armored Fighting Vehicles, Recovery Vehicles, Armored Personnel Carriers, Landing Vehicles, Military Trucks and others.

Manufactured army vehicle parts and assemblies include:

  • Solid Rubber Wheels
  • Metal Wheels
  • Track Shoe Assemblies and Parts
  • Fuel and Water Tanks
  • Suspension, Chassis and Body Frame Assemblies and Components
  • Shear Mounts and Bushings
  • Rubber Pads: Vibration Dampening and Shock Absorbing
  • Custom Products

In-House Production Technologies include:

  • Rubber Vulcanization: Rubber bonded to metal and rubber molded parts.
  • Metal: Machining * Forming * Deep-Drawing * Welding * Cutting * Stamping * Painting and Preservation.

Rubber Vulcanization

For manufacturing of rubber bonded to metal and rubber molded items, Tamor uses injection molding, transfer molding and compression molding processes.

Under one roof, Tamor SMR engineers the parts, identifies the suitable rubber compounds, designs the molds and optimizes the production process.

Application of rubber vulcanization methods result in end products such as solid rubber wheels, tank track shoes and tank track pads, antivibration rubber pads, shock absorbing rubber pads, shear mounts, bushings, endless rubber bands and other parts and assemblies.

Innovative ideas become a reality at Tamor SMR Ltd. Working in close cooperation with the customer, Tamor's advanced engineering capabilities enable the design, development and manufacturing of new products per customer specifications. The result is the optimal product.

Wheeled and Tracked Military Vehicle Parts and Assemblies

As a TACOM Qualified Supplier, for Tracked Combat Vehicles Suspension Components (QSL-01, QSL-04) and Wheeled Vehicle Suspension parts (QSL-03), Tamor SMR manufactures top quality products that meet and surpass rigorous arms corps field tested standards and conditions.

Solid Rubber Wheels

Solid rubber wheels manufactured by Tamor include road wheels, tension wheels, support wheels, idler wheels and rollers.

The production of solid rubber wheels incorporates the application of in-house technologies including deep drawing, machining, welding, vulcanization and electrostatic powder lines and wet spraying methods. Final testing of the practical applications of manufactured wheels are conducted under the auspices of our Q.A. department. Our drum test machine simulates actual field conditions confirming the ability of Tamor manufactured wheels to perform under extreme field conditions.

Our ability to plan and build our own tooling, fixtures and special production machinery enables Tamor to gear production to required quantities ranging from small batch runs and to full scale production.

Tank Track Assemblies, Track Shoes and Track Pads

Tamor SMR Ltd extensive experience in manufacturing tank track assemblies, track shoes and track pads is backed by its solid reputation in supplying parts for the military.

The bodies of the track shoes (forgings or castings) are machined and heat treated. The bodies are vulcanized and bushings are inserted.

Detachable rubber pads and connecting parts are assembled on the track shoes. Individual track shoes are then connected to each other with pins and connectors creating a track shoe assembly.

Fuel Tanks and Water Tanks

Fuel Tanks and Water Tanks are made from steel, stainless steel or aluminum sheets that are cut, bent, formed and welded (TIG, MIG) to attain their shapes and dimensions. The vessels are treated for corrosion resistance and painted.

Testing of the final products includes testing for leaks under inner pressure and vibration simulations under extreme road conditions.

Tamor's approach to meeting special customer requirements result in our ability to manufacture unique, irregular shaped fuel tanks to optimize the use of assigned space and to maximize the actual volume of the fuel tanks.

Suspension, Chassis and Body Frame Assemblies and Components

In-house technologies and capabilities enable the Tamor factory to manufacture single items and assemblies for the suspension systems, chassis and body frames of heavy vehicles.

We design and make our own tooling and jigs, apply all of our in-house technologies enabling us to manufacture per Customers' specifications in a shorter timeframe

Some of our end products include control arms, cross members and frames, chassis and suspension assemblies and steel ladders for trucks.

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