Just What is a C4® LED Anyway?


Every time you find the C4® LED logo on a Streamlight product's packaging, it's our promise to you that you are taking home one of the most dazzling, long life LED products available. Contrary to popular belief the term "C4" does not in actual fact refer to LED itself, but rather to the impressive combination of proprietary technology from Streamlight's higher quality reflectors helping to focus and intensifying the light, photonic crystal and thin film chip technology that enhances LED efficiency to Streamlight's expertly engineered design driving the operation of the light to maximize the overall capabilities of the LED chip.

C4® LED Formula

C4 LEDTo begin we carefully select "prime cut" power LEDS, the selection process is so important similar to Snowflakes no 2 LEDs are created exactly alike. Streamlight only source our power LEDs for our C4® LED flashlights from suppliers who incorporate "the latest" technology in their production process, therefore yielding the highest LED power chips with the most exceptional lumen per watt ratios.

Only selecting the highest output LEDs is far from the end of the story, Streamlight has pioneered an exceptional and unique way to drive the power LED giving it our trademark levels of brightness and ultra long run times. Our ground breaking Streamlight C4® LED designed reflector increases the "throw" of the light, resulting in a tightly focused, blindingly strong beam, even over long distances, that generates an optimized "spill" light for easier target identification.

Streamlight goes even further, every internal component from switch mechanism, to lens type and battery source whether it be lithium, alkaline, nickel cadmium, or lithium ion, is designed and manufactured in house allowing us to drive the LED's performance in a way that is tailored for each specific flashlight's planned usage.

All our efforts lead to an exceptional, consistently brighter, more intense beam that penetrates the dark while providing the ultra long run times and durability of an LED with the light outputs to rival those of previously brighter incandescent light sources.

When you next see our Streamlight C4 LED® symbol, remember it means more than the LED itself. It is our promise that you are gaining the best in LED technology supported by Streamlight proprietary engineered reflectors and expert design knowledge to bring you the one of the brightest, longest life LED products money can buy.

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