Certified Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 TROJAN Passes IED Testing

Stoof International Germany

Test Dummy in TROJAN

Stoof International is based in Germany and manufactures specialised armoured vehicles for operation worldwide. Stoof builds armoured utility 4x4 vehicles Toyota TROJAN series, limousines, Cash in Transit vehicles (CIT) and armoured trucks.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 TROJAN

The certified armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 TROJAN with a protection level of VR 6, has successfully passed additional side blast tests simulating an IED.

15 kg TNT was detonated from a distance of 2 metres, 1 metre above the ground and positioned towards the vehicles "B" pillar.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 TROJAN

No fragments entered the vehicles cabin confines and all doors and windows remained in place. A further test was conducted utilising a DM 31 mine placed under the vehicle driver position, also with a successful result.

Tests were conducted with the aid of a Hybrid-III Crash -Dummy representing and measuring the effects of a human passenger.

Tests were carried out by iABG Lichtenau, Germany. Additional blast tests are to follow.

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