Stoof International Germany

Armoured Off-Road Vehicles, Limousines and Trucks

Founded in 1865 the present day Stoof International is a self contained contemporary modern day manufacturing facility located in Borkheide, (near Berlin) Germany.

Spread out over an area of 25.000 qm the modern day premises provide an ideal site for the production of specialised vehicles divided into these main categories:

  • Armoured Off-Road Vehicles
  • Armoured Limousines / Saloons
  • Armoured Trucks / Commissioned Vehicles

Stoof International has a vast experience providing armoured vehicles to world wide government and commercial international organisations as well as front line humanitarian aid agencies, and head of state - presidential offices. Stoof armoured vehicles are operational throughout the Middle East, Gulf regions as well as Asia and many other regions.

Armoured Off-Road Vehicles

Keeping up with worldwide demand Stoof International build and have a constant supply of armoured 4 x 4 off-Road / SUV vehicles. Specialising with base vehicles that are on regular demand such as Toyota, GMC and Mercedes-Benz G Wagons. Armoured 4 x 4's operate in dangerous regions of the world where in many cases the infrastructure is no longer operating as it should do; and where street crime or terrorist activity is prominently present.

With extensive array of extras; escape hatch, electronic counter measures, anti mine shields - with no dividing walls or secondary doors to contend with. These vehicles retain their discreet appearance. Toyota Land Cruisers are also produced with additional certified protection, 6 kg explosion front wheel; DM31 mine floor explosion and 15 kg equivalent TNT side blast from a distance of 2 metres.

Armored Off Road VehiclesArmoured Off-Road HiluxArmoured Off Road Toyota

Armoured Limousines / Saloons

Passengers travelling in regions where there is civil unrest or a potential danger require a sufficient level of discreet protection. Stoof armoured limousines and saloon cars can offer the protection required whilst still providing comfort and class the passengers demand and are used to. Experience gained from extreme danger regions and field trips have been incorporated into the final product.

The armoured limousines produced by Stoof are based on the Hyundai Equus model with official ballistic certification and cooperation with the OEM direct.

Armoured Limousines - Hyundai EquusArmoured Hyundai Equus

Armoured Trucks

Whereby the main aim of a passenger carrying armoured vehicle requires getting passengers to their end destination safely; there is also a requirement for the end destinations to have logistical support. Goods being transported to and from these destinations are obviously subject to the same threats.

Stoof International is able to supply safe cell armoured protection to truck cabins, as well as providing protection solutions to the box body construction. Standard features such as protected fuel tanks, run-flat systems, communications and GPS tracking are also integrated into the trucks designs.

The armoured trucks available from Stoof include all OEM ranges.

Armoured Trucks MercedesArmoured Trucks

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