Doing Business in Washington: The SPECTRUM Group Navigates Washington’s Powerful Corridors


If doing business in Washington is your goal, a key strategy for achieving that goal should include partnering with a firm who has a long history of successfully navigating Washington’s corridors of power.

From the Capitol to the Pentagon and through every agency of the federal government, relationships are the key to achieving entry and securing support for your product or service.

Recognized as one of the premier business consulting, government and congressional relations firms in Washington, D.C., The SPECTRUM Group maintains relationships with powerful and influential individuals at the highest levels of government, business and the military.

Founded in 1993, The SPECTRUM Group has grown to over 95 associates - half of which are Admirals and Generals, the remainder are former political appointees, former Capitol Hill staffers, corporate officers and lobbyists, and U.S. government officials. SPECTRUM serves a wide range of clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies in both the public and private sectors.

Our Strength

The SPECTRUM Group's strength begins with our people - true leaders in their fields who have served at the highest levels of military, government and industry. The expertise, leadership and access to the highest levels of government and industry they have gained throughout their careers ensure maximum results for you.

They hail from:

  • U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force
  • National Guard and Reserve Forces
  • Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • U.S. Congress
  • Senior Legislative Offices
  • Private Industry
  • Marketing and Media Outlets
  • Finance and Investment Sectors

Your Strategy

The SPECTRUM Group helps you design and execute cost-effective, winning strategies in a wide range of critically important areas - national and international, small-scale and global. We have the expertise, experience and a record of success in key areas including:

  • Government Marketing - To sell products and services to the federal government, a company needs three things: comprehensive knowledge of the organizational structure; in-depth familiarity of the system; and solid relationships with key people. We provide all three and get results.
  • Defense - Our people speak with authority and are heard among the four service branches and the National Guard.
  • Congressional Relations - Our team has a unique combination of personal experience and political insight garnered from members of Congress, staff directors, and general counsels.
  • Due Diligence - From corporate executives to major advertising and investment firms, SPECTRUM is the defense panel of choice for due-diligence, business feasibility and market analysis.
  • Energy and the Environment - The energy and environment team is led by former officials from the Departments of Energy, Defense and Transportation.
  • Homeland Security - The Homeland Security Division meets the diverse needs of companies, state and local governments, ports, and the private sector in developing and implementing strategic security plans, securing federal funds, and doing business with the Department of Homeland Security and the new Northern Command.
  • International Marketing and Security Affairs - With offices in London, Brussels and Ottowa, the International Division includes U.S. and international members, U.S. and allied flag officers, NATO commanders, civilian officials and business executives.

The Solution

The SPECTRUM Group develops the solutions you need to achieve your company's goals. Our record of success is unsurpassed. We have developed solutions for major airlines, local communities facing base closings, start-up companies in need of funding, high-tech companies searching for markets, and Fortune 500 corporations facing special challenges. Examples include:

An Arizona company produced crash-worthy fuel tanks well-suited for National Guard helicopters. Their message was not being heard so they hired SPECTRUM to gain Congressional and Defense support that resulted in long-term funding for the product.

A leading power company needed help competing for a major contract to provide energy to Army bases in four states. The company was new to government contracting and up against a competitor with extensive Pentagon experience. SPECTRUM helped the company win a major share of the initial contract and other Defense Department contracts.

A group of foreign doctors providing medical care to Americans living in medically underserved and rural areas was faced with termination of their rights to practice medicine in the U.S. The SPECTRUM Group solved their problem and they continue to provide excellent care to needy Americans.

A major airline lost its FAA certification and contacted SPECTRUM for assistance. Our team of senior experts in airline operations, maintenance, safety and training were instrumental in getting the airline recertified and back in the air.

The U.S. government spends nearly $400 billion a year procuring goods and services. The SPECTRUM Group will work to access your federal market potential, prepare your company to approach federal agencies and position your firm before key decision makers.

We are honored to represent our clients and very proud to share feedback like this comment from Precision Remotes' president and Chief Operating Officer Jack Stephens, "The SPECTRUM Group provided the road map for Precision Remotes to navigate through the federal acquisition process and coordinated congressional funding to enable our small company to introduce our TRAP systems to DOD, federal and state customers."

To learn more about The SPECTRUM Group and how we can help your firm do business in Washington, please visit our website at

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