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In The Face Of Hazard Outperforms Standards For Nbc Protection M'95 Nbc Respirator

The Scott M'95 respirator presents the highest standard in modern NBC protection providing unrivalled reliability, safety and user-friendliness.

Designed to meet the most critical hazards and stresses encountered in combat situations, the M'95 gasmask is user preferred. The M'95 is in service worldwide; e.g. by the National Defence Forces of Finland and several other military forces, first-responder teams, law enforcement personnel, national guards, naval forces and marines.

Approvals: NIOSH TC-84A-3847. Also tested to EN 136 and NATO standards.

Scott M'95 Nbc Respirator:

Outstanding Protection & Safety
Precise fit and user comfort are the result of combining 65 years of experience with the most recent innovations in respiratory protection and state-of-the-art design engineering.

Superior User Comfort
The Scott M'95 mask is comfortable to wear, even for long periods of strenuous field operations. Extremely low breathing-resistance, light weight and user-friendly materials result in superior user comfort.

Heavy-Duty Materials
The Scott M'95 gas mask features high-grade materials - of paramount importance in extreme field conditions and essential to withstand vital decontamination procedures. The superior protection of the facepiece has been proven with live agent testing; it is impermeable to chemical agents such as mustard gas.

Practical Design and Construction
Designed for use under extreme conditions, the design is simple to service and to operate.

High Level Compatibility
The Scott M'95 respirator is compatible with tactical equipment used in field operations.

Easy Maintenance - Of Paramount Importance In Field Operations
Maintenance of the M'95 mask is simple; the vital components are easy to dismantle and reassemble. The mask is also designed for easy decontamination.

Outstanding Protection & Safety
Precise fit and user comfort are the result of advanced computer-aided design. Anatomical accuracy is based on a wealth of facial-form data. This enables the M'95 to offer unmatched protection.

  • The superior protection of the halo-butyl elastomer facepiece has been proven with live agent testing; it is impermeable to chemical agents such as mustard gas.
  • The silicone inner mask provides a tight fit between mask and skin and constitutes an extra seal against the entry of threat agents.
  • Scott's extensive range of NBC filters provides protection against all known chemical and biological, radiological and nuclear agents and hazardous particles, like micro-organisms.
  • Available in two sizes for optimum fit and safety.
  • The respirator is easy and rapid to don and doff - in only 10 seconds.

Superior User Comfort
The Scott M'95 mask is comfortable to wear, even over long periods, thanks to its extremely low breathing-resistance.

  • Light in weight: the mask weighs only 460 g - or 720 g with the filter.
  • The special small-size silicone inner mask reduces the CO2-content to a minimum, thereby eliminating fatigue.
  • Integral drinking facility for the hygienic and convenient intake of liquids.
  • Moisture drainage is effective due to the practical downward positioning of the exhalation channel.
  • Protected speech-diaphragm for optimal personal communication.
  • Polyester webbing band harness enhances wearer comfort and rapid donning.
  • Easy-to-use accessories: textile carrier bag, plastic case, drinking bottle, spectacle kit and wearer-fit testing equipment.

Heavy-Duty Materials
The Scott M'95 gas mask features heavy-duty materials for use in extreme operational conditions and to withstand harsh decontamination methods.

  • The specially engineered halo-butyl elastomer of the faceblank enhances resistance to known chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological agents.
  • The Scott M'95 mask, is resistant to high temperatures, steam and ozone; it also provides excellent resistance to a multitude of hazardous chemicals.
  • The silicone inner mask provides non-allergic contact against the skin.
  • The elastic net head-harness is resistant to chemicals, gas and vapour and ageing.
  • Distortion-free and durable polyamide lenses feature high solidity as well as excellent light transmission.

Practical Construction

  • Filter connections on both sides of the facepiece facilitate left- or right-handed operation.
  • The six-point head-harness ensures tight fit of the facepiece.
  • Collision-proof construction of the mask and connector prevents accidental facial injuries.
  • An optical insert is easily secured to the anchor point in the inner mask. Spectacle frames for prescription lenses remain stable in hostile environments.
  • Circulating the inhalation airflow across the inside of the lenses effectively prevents fogging.
  • The dual lenses combined with the close-fitting profile of the mask offer an excellent downward and horizontal field of vision - over 80%.
  • The two-lens construction means that the mask can be folded in half longitudinally for compact stowage in a mask pouch.

High Level Compatibility
Thanks to its low-profile design, the Scott M'95 respirator is compatible with tactical equipment used in field operations, e.g. firing and armed systems, target finder optics, optical systems and communication devices, CWA protective clothing, all military helmets on the market and riot shields. Compatibility with NATO-used 40 mm threaded NBC filter canisters.

Easy Maintenance - Of Paramount Importance In Field Operations
Maintenance of the M'95 mask is extremely simple; the vital exhalation valve is easy to dismantle and reassemble.

Valve inspection and replacement can be carried out without tools. Replacement parts are colour-coded to highlight vital components, for easy maintenance and simple training.

Faceblank Halo-butyl elastomer
Inner mask Silicone
Valve discs Silicone
Lenses Polyamide
Head harness and support net Polyester (PES) covered elastane (20 yarn Lycra) elastic, latex free (can be autoclaved). Polyamide (PA) webbing
Eyeglass frame ?Lens frame Polyamide (PA)
Bottle HDPE, protection against NBC agents >48 h
Protection factor > 10 000
Protection against CBRN agents > 48 h
Breathing resistance  
Inhalation at 30 l/min < 0.45 mbar
Inhalation at 95 l/min < 1.0 mbar
Exhalation at 160 l/min < 1.2 mbar
Carbon dioxide content < 0.45 %
Field of vision > 80 %
Intake of liquid 250 ml/min
Temperature range from –50°C up to + 70°C functional
Storage life 20 years
Filter connection Thread NATO (STANAG 4155/ EN 148), diameter 40 mm
With filter
460 g
720 g

Ordering Details
012581 NBC Mask M'95 M, standard size, with drinking device
012585 NBC Mask M'95 S, small size, with drinking device
012584 NBC Mask M'95 S, standard size, with speech diaphragm, drinking device and bottle

Please note that delivery of M'95 masks is subject to approval of the end user by the Finnish Ministry of Defence. An end-user certificate is need from the final user of the equipment.

012551 Spectacle kit
012549 Drinking device lid on the mask
012547 Mouth piece of drinking device
012552 Bottle
012561 Bottle cap
010185 Hard plastic carrying case
012595 Carrying bag for mask and filter
141080 Pro-Tester leakage testing apparatus


Tactical carrying bag for gas mask and 1-2 filters. Size (h x d x b) 26 x 14 x 20 cm. Bag is made from polyurethane (PU) coated polyamide (PA) cloth. Velcro fastening tapes. Polyamide texture carrying strap. Can be carried either as a shoulder bag or on waist as a belt bag.

Polyethylene (PE) stowage box for mask and filter. Size 25 x 14 x 17,5 cm. Cotton strap.

The drinking bottle has 1 litre (0.22 gal., 1. 75 pt., 33.8 fl. oz., 0.26 US gal.) capacity. The bottle cap has a suspension strap to the bottle; it is also equipped with a hook catch for belt mounting. CBWA-resistant HD polyethylene.

Eyewear insert for prescription lenses made from durable polyamide.

M'95 Respirator Rc For Law Enforcement Personnel

012583 Full face mask M'95 RC
Without drinking device and speech diaphragm
The M'95 RC mask is designed for use by the police, armed services and civil defence forces in riot control and training situations. The halo-butyl faceblank offers resistance to CBWA threat chemicals and particulates as well as riot control agents.

The low breathing-resistance and light weight of the respirator provide user convenience in exacting situations. The streamlined design provides compatibility, even with visored helmets and protective shields.

Scott Filters For Nbc Protection
An extensive range of Scott NBC, civil defence and industrial filter canisters is available for use with the M'95. The filters, which are approved to EN, NIOSH or NATO standards, are effective against both gases and vapours, due to their high chemisorption and physisorption capacity; their low breathing-resistance ensures easy breathing.

Scott 40 mm CBRN canisters are designed to protect in Non-IDLH and oxygen-deficient conditions against known threat agents as well as a multitude of other hazardous gases, vapours and particulates.

Scott CF22 NBC filters protect against:
Chemical and biological warfare agents like mustard gas, cyanogen, arsine and phosgene; sarin and other nerve gases; tear gas, CN, CS, radioactive and highly toxic particles; aerosols and micro-organisms; bacteria and viruses; as well as many toxic industrial gases (according to EN14387: 2004 type ABE-P3), e.g. organic gases and vapours, such as chlorine, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide and other acidic gases and vapours.

Weight ~260 g
Height 95 mm
Diameter 110 mm
Volume 220 ml
Opening diameter 55 mm
Thread 40 mm NATO STANAG 4155/EN 148-1
Filter performance
Particle filter efficiency:
DOP at 30 l/min < 0.0003 %
Paraffin oil at 95 l/min < 0.003 %
NaCl at 95 l/min < 0.001 %
Gas filter capacity:
Tetrachloromethane CCl4 (0,5 vol%) 52 min
Chlorine Cl2 (0,5 vol%) 23 min
Hydrogen sulphide H2S (0,5 vol%) >120 min
Hydrogen cyanide HCN (0,5 vol%) 57 min
Sulphur dioxide SO2 (0,5 vol%) 40 min
Breathing resistance
At 30 l/min < 1.3 mbar
At 95 l/min < 4.5 mbar
Other data
Casing material Polyamide, reinforced
Both ends plugged PVC plug and PP cork (threaded)
Storage time 10 years (factory sealed)
Storage temperature -10 ºC … +50 ºC (factory sealed)
Storage humidity Below 95% RH
Temperature range, operational Recommended 0 ºC …50 ºC
Humidity, operational Recommended below 75%

042570 NBC 22 A2B2E1-P3

Protects against CBW and riot control agents; organic, inorganic and acid gases and vapours; toxic and radioactive particles; bacteria and viruses.
042568 CF 32 A2B2E2K2-P3 NBC

Protects against CBW and riot control agents; organic, inorganic, acid gases and vapours; ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives; toxic and radioactive particles; bacteria and viruses.
Certified to EN 14387:2004 (earlier EN141) and 143. CE 0121
Filters certified to NIOSH/USA standards available.

Nbc 2200 Police Cn/Cs Filter
Protects against riot control agents, e.g. tear gas, CN, CS; against organic, inorganic, acid gases and vapours; ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives; highly toxic and radioactive solid and liquid particles, bacteria and viruses. Ideal for RIOT Control & SWAT operations as well as Domestic Preparedness operations, the NBC 2200 makes sense in today's changing world. The NBC 2200 Police Canister is chromium free and meets unique USA specifications designed for first responders concerned with Riot control, Toxic chemicals, Chemical Warfare Agents and Nuclear hazards

Ordering details:
042570 CF 22 NBC A2B2E1-P3 (storage life 10 years)
042568 NBC filter type CF 32 A2B2E2K2-P3 (storage life 10 years)

Last page text:

Clean Air Is Essential To Health
Scott Health & Safety is an important manufacturer of respiratory protective devices. We develop, produce and market high-quality respirators conforming to international standards. Over 65 years of experience coupled with the most recent innovations in respiratory protection have enabled Scott to create products that outperform the challenging requirements of global standards. Today, our respiratory protective equipment serves industry, the fire and rescue services, first responders, civil defence and law enforcement teams and the armed forces worldwide.

Selection Of Protection
There are three main types of respiratory protection used in the face of different hazards:

  • Self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Negative pressure filtering device (cartridge respirators)
  • Powered and power-assisted filtering device (powered air purifying respirators

Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) supplies clean air to the user independent of the surrounding atmosphere. SCBA is needed when the nature of the hazard has not been quantified (agent type, concentration) or the air is oxygen-deficient.

  • Scott breathing apparatus is designed for extreme operations in fire fighting, first-responder and SWAT operations. Scott Sabre and Air-Pak Fifty units constitute leading-edge defence against the threats of today's world.

A filtering device, like a gas mask with a filter, can be used when the type and atmospheric concentrations of substances have been identified and the oxygen content of the air is sufficient (18-23 vol%).

  • Scott M'95 and M'98 are protective masks for the armed services, law enforcement and civil defence authorities for protection against CBRN agents

Other filtering devices, like a powered respirator with a full hood, offer a reliable solution to respiratory protection for rescue teams during decontamination and cleansing operations when contaminants have been identified and measured; this type of respirator is appropriate to remove the contaminants.

  • Scott Proflow SC and Tornado T-Power powered air-purifying respirators make sense for civil defence by providing cool air through a fanning effect, extending user wear times.

Choosing the proper type of respiratory protection depends on the conditions under which it is to be used and is strictly specified by local authorities, whose directions must be followed.

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