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Air, Ground and Marine Radar

Saab Group was formerly Saab Microwave Systems and was Saab´s company for sensors and information networks primarily acting on the defense market. We develop solutions that provide customers with information superiority and for safety in the society. This encompasses advanced airborne, ground-based and marine radar, as well as customer-adapted networking information systems.

We are also well positioned to meet the increased demand for information technology and communication networks, primarily built on civilian technology, for military and other governmental customers. In close cooperation with other Saab units we provide a unique competence to support the strategic change and technology shift that is denominated Network Centric Warfare.

Our product range includes for example:

  • The 3D-surveillance and aquisition radar HARD easily integrated in short range air defence missile systems.
  • The multimission PS-05/A radar to the GRIPEN aircraft.
  • The ERIEYE phased-array radar, representing a new generation of Airborne Early Warning and Control systems.
  • The 3D-search radar GIRAFFE AMB and the naval version Sea GIRAFFE AMB are the most modern multi-role radars on the market today. A
  • ARTHUR, which is the leading weapon locating system for manoeuvre forces and peace support operations.

We have today some 2000 employees, a majority working with product development including research. The headquarters are located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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