R&S® M3TR Software Defined Radios

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Rohde & Schwarz offer multiband, multirole, multimode software defined radios for tactical operations.

Rohde & Schwarz M3TR


The Challenge

Software Defined Radios

Modern military operations typically involve collaboration between international military forces. To ensure efficient communication between these different forces, it is essential to have interoperable equipment - particularly in terms of communications. The R&S® M3TR provides optimal flexibility in waveform and frequency for nearly all platforms and services.

The Solution

Rohde&Schwarz M3TR next generation, high-spec software defined radios are a major development in terms of both cost and technology in tactical communications. The integrated communications system is based on the low-weight MR300XH/U maniac transmitter/receiver with bandwidths between 1.5MHz and 108 MHz or between 25MHz and 512 MHz. This supports all forms of tactical communications and simplifies coordination between forces. A portable, handheld model (The R&S® MR3000P) completes the range. As with the mano=pack radios, the MR3000P enables both secure and open communications.

Software Defined Radio


Until recently, support for different networks and services demanded different radios. The Rohde&Schwarz M3TR spans the full spectrum from high frequency to VH and ultra high frequency radio. This enables a high level of interoperability together with easier communication between services. The frequency capabilities of the R&S® M3TR adhere to multinational regulations and facilitate worldwide operation in rapidly evolving environments and scenarios.


Software radios provide both integration with existing standards and datable networking solutions. Through a combination of optimised waveforms and protocols, the Rohde & Schwarz M3TR provides optimal throughput for both position determination and data, video and voice communications.

R&S® M3TR Software Defined Radio


Software defined radios can be effortlessly integrated with tactical commas networks. A software defined radio can be used either as a terminal in a particular subnet (CNR, PRN, etc) or provide an interface between different subnets. The Rohde&Schwarz M3TR can be deployed on a broad range of platforms and can provide an interface for fixed LAN and WAN networks and an intelligent gateway with rebroadcast / relay utilities such as routing of specific calls for subscribers within or external to the home network.

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