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Forced Entry Glass Protection Solutions and Ballistic Products

Phoenicia America-Israel (ltd) have been glass experts since 1936. We produce clear and low-Iron float glass and fabricate a wide range of glass products.

Phoenicia's Security products include bullet resistant, blast resistant and forced entry glass-composites compliant with the highest military and civilian standards. Our products could be found on vehicles and static platforms of the Israeli, U.S and other NATO armies and in various embassies and establishments around the globe.

We take proud in our R&D and engineering; All of our designs are Shot/Blown/Hit during the R&D phase and on a regular basis as part of our constant validation and quality assurance.

Our costumers are welcome to witness the performance of our products under live shooting tests; Phoenicia's ballistic laboratory performs tests at all calibers up to 20mm high velocity fragments (FSP) canon.

Bullet Resistance Glass

Phoenicia's R&D specializes in developing tailored protection solutions according to our customers' special needs and demands.

Phoenicia's bullet resistance line of products complies with a wide range of military and civilian standards including: IDF (Israel defense forces) range of bullet resistant threats.

  • STANAG 4569 levels 1-3
  • European standard EN1063 levels 1 to 7 (No spall and spall)
  • UL752 NIJ 0108.01 level I-IV
  • ISO 16935 level HG1-HG3 and R1-R2

Ballistic Glass Products

Our Blast resistant / ballistic glass products comply with: European standard EN13541 level 1-4 This includes positive pressure at the range of 50-100 Kpa (level 1) and up to 250 Kpa (level 4) which resembles approximately 1 Ton of TNT detonation from a distance of 33 meters.

Phoenicia develops Blast resistant products for various military applications according to specific definition of its clients in terms of charge type, charge mass, glass thickness etc. Forced Entry Products: We comply with the full range of threats according to:

  • European standard EN356

Phoenicia combines 2 in 1 and even 3 in 1 to give a single product which could be:

  • Bullet resistant
  • Blast resistant
  • Forced Entry protected

These special designs can supply a superior and complete transparent Protection for establishments such as – Airports, Banks, Museums, Embassies and Homes.

Our Glass Your Price Advantage

At Phoenicia, unlike other security glass vendors (who buy the raw glass from various dealers and producers), we produce our own float glass (regular and low-iron) which we later use in our security products line. This lowers our costs and enables us to give our clients unique prices.

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