NBC First Aid Kit


1. Decontamination Powder
Bottle with a sprinkler top containing 68 gr. detoxification powder for treatment of contamination by NBC warfare agents. After removing the cap, sprinkle the powder on unprotected skin avoiding the eyes. Allow to take effect for some minutes and then clean with a swab.

2. Package of C-Swabs (5 pieces.)
Swabs are used to remove droplets and smears of warfare agents. Do not pollute neighbouring areas of the skin. Also use swabs for removing decontamination powder after use.

3. Package of self Adhesive Plaster ( 5 pieces.)
Apply plaster on open wounds as usual. Do not clean with water.

4. Ear Plugs ( 2 packs.)
Immediately after gas alarm is given, protect your ears with plugs. This prevents the penetration of warfare agents via the ears.

5. Decontamination Soap (25 gr. tube)
After leaving the contaminated area, undress and apply decontamination soap. Rinse with water. The soap will detoxify and remove the warfare agents.

6. Decontamination Towel (1 piece.)
For detoxification of personnel and sensitive equipment. The towel is impregnated with GD-5. Dab splashes of warfare agent with decontamination towel, then wipe it, clean with a fresh part of the towel.

7. Spray Bottle GD-5 (10 ml.) (OWR patented.)
Spray bottle with GD-5 solution for the B/C decontamination of sensitive equipment. In an emergency situation where your unprotected skin is contaminated with warfare agent, spray the solution on hands, neck and face (avoiding contact with eyes), leave for a few minutes and rinse with water. GD-5 destroys and removes warfare agents.

8. Wooden Spatula (1 piece.)
Use to scrape off droplets or smears of warfare agents. Do not touch the agent with fingers. Sprinkle with decontamination powder afterwards.

9. Atropin Auto-injectors (optional on request)

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NBC First Aid Kit

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