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Military Aircraft Hangars, Workshop Tents or Temporary Stores

The Swedish company NSS Sweden manufactures hangers, workshop tents, stores and weather protection for military use. We enjoy close collaboration with the Swedish armed forces in developing light, flexible shelters for a large number of military applications.

Aircraft Halls and Shelters for Best Protection Under Severe Weather Conditions

NSS Sweden is market leader in Scandinavia for halls and shelters.We also have a civilian operation which specialises in the manufacture of innovative shelters for the construction industry. These functional and durable shelters make it possible to erect buildings and undertake large construction projects, absolutely regardless of the weather.

Hangars and Workshop Tents Tested Under Active Service Conditions in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Sudan

Swedish peacekeeping forcesuse NSS hangars and workshop tents in places including Afghanistan and Bosnia.

Use in active service has shown that the shelters far exceed all the requirements that can be placed on military use. Our hangars make it possible to protect aircraft and helicopters in severe weather conditions and in demanding environments. Moreover, the shelters offer a dry and protected environment for activities that have to be undertaken indoors.

A Flexible Modular System with OptionsOur Gibson Light and System Gibson shelters are constructed in modules. This means that you can adapt a hangar, workshop tent or store hall so that it exactly suits your requirements. Shelters can easily be extended or supplemented by using a limited number of standard components.

Simple Structures, Simple to ErectTwo important prerequisites when we developed our shelters were that they should be easy to transport and fit into one container. The load-bearing structures are consequently made of aluminium and no component part is more than 5 metres long. For example, Gibson Light fits inside a 20 foot container. The clever structure and lightweight parts make the shelter/hangar very easy to erect and assemble by just three men – without mechanical help.

Easy to Dismantle Enabling for Rapid RedeploymentThanks to its low weight and uncomplicated design, it is very easy to get our hangars and shelters in place. Simple assembly and dismantling means that shelters can easily be packed up and moved for redeployment. In other words the shelters are highly suitable for military use.

Stable, Durable StructuresAll shelters and hangars are based on lightweight aluminium structures and very high quality fabrics.These are tried and tested materials that are able to withstand a high level of pressure, both in terms of extreme weather and demanding use.

Hangars and Shelters used within Military Aircraft Applications

Here are some examples of applications for NSS hangars and shelters:

  • Hangars for helicopters
  • Hangars for aircraft
  • Workshop tent
  • Storage tent
  • Weather protection over containers
  • Protection and storage of military equipment.
  • Canteen tent
  • Meeting tent

Other Options for Military Shelters and Hangars

Depending on application our hangars and shelters can be equipped with various types of equipment:

  • Air conditioning
  • Heating systems
  • Cooling
  • Ventilation systems
  • Electricity and lighting
  • Smoke and fire alarms
  • Dockingoptions

Gibson Shelter Systems – Versatile, Robust and Easy to Erect

This versatile shelter has been developed for a wide range of applications.

Gibson has rather more rugged dimensions than Gibson Light. It is easy to adapt for every conceivable function, for example as an aircraft/helicopter hangar, workshop tent or main store.

System Gibson is easy to erect and can be supplemented with insulating fabric on the inside of the shelter. It can also be fitted with folding doors.

Width: 10–23.5 m.Length: 5 metre sectionsRidge height: up to 7.5 m.Side height: 2.3–5.3 m.

Gibson Light – Rapid Shelters

This light and flexible shelter is suitable for a large number of different military applications. It can be used to advantage as an aircraft hanger, workshop tent or temporary store.

The shelter is extremely flexible as it can be extended lengthways by means of 3 metre modules.

Width: 8.5, 10.5 and 12.5 m.Length: 3 metre sectionsRidge height: 4.8-5.7 m.Side height: 3 m.

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