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Shooting Training Systems for Marksman, Snipers and Field

Noptel Oy have been in operation for three decades and are specialists in the design and manufacture of optoelectronic measuring devices.

The most well known of the Noptel product range is the shooting training and analysis systems, which have been deployed around the world, in over 60 countries. The 11,000 optical units are used by law enforcement organisations, militaries, special forces units, security teams and sports. The applications are unlimited.

Shooter Training System

Shooter Training System

The Shooter Training System from Noptel has been designed for users to practise their shooting skills from basic shooting onto range conditions and prepare for typical shooting conditions. The portability of the systems means that training can be conducted anywhere, anytime and, as it does not use live fire, users are not restricted by the usual safety precautions.

The system is compatible with any conventional, scaled, moving or pop up target without the requirement of wiring or electronics. If used in its simplest form, the system needs only an optical transceiver on the rifle and a small piece of reflector on the target.

Night shooting practice is another available benefit with the Shooter Training System providing the user with a truly realistic training scenario.

Noptel Oy Shooter Training

The facilities necessary for the shooter training system are dependent upon the particular training being conducted. The basic rifle marksmanship training is typically conducted indoors in a traditional classroom set up whereas the advanced training can be completed outdoors.

When outdoors, users can practice on real target distances with typical marksmanship, electronic, pop-up, moving or turning targets. Training in the field with a buddy or team also allows the user to gain manoeuvring and situational skills. The scenarios follow training practices set by the customer.

Shooter Training Equipment

Field TrainingShooter Training EquipmentNoptel Marksman Training

The most recent edition to Noptel's shooter training equipment, the ST-2000 Expert is a rifle training unit with a distance variant of 10 metres up to 300 metres. Semiautomatic reloading of the weapon is possible due to the pneumatic recoil system and the unit will cover rifle marksmanship training from basic level right through to the advanced field training level.

An LED target has been designed to cooperate with with the ST-2000 Expert for a portable training set-up and lets off a bright blinking light when hit. The system is both easy and quick to set up and is used in conjunction with the NOS Pro software.

Also among Noptel's shooter training equipment range is the ST-2000 MilTrainer, offering a reliable training tool for all stages from basic to advanced. The ST-2000 MilTrainer is compatible with conventional targets in the field or classroom.

As with the Expert, the MilTrainer's operating range measures from 10 to 300 metres and the targets do not require electricity, making it perfect for training in a 'real life' environment. This trainer is used alongside the NOS4 software.

NOS Software

Noptel's NOS software is the most important factor when it comes to shooting analysis, immediately providing users with accurate information about each session. The NOS software displays key factors for an excellent marksman - hold, aim and trigger control - in a visual and numeric guide.

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