Mini MineWolf (MW240) Operational with the British Army in the C-IED Fight

MineWolf - Part of Pearson Engineering

MW240 with robotic arm working remotely from camera

Classified to date, MineWolf Systems can now announce that MineWolf technology is being used by the British Army as a key tool in their counter-IED fight in Afghanistan.

Mini MineWolf (MW240)

The British troops have been using the remote controlled Mini MineWolf machines since early 2011 to clear routes from explosive devices and enhance the safety of troops while on patrol. To date the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) has procured ten Mini MineWolf (MW240) systems, complete with camera systems and a range of tools for the remote clearance of explosive devices.

The addition of the Mini MineWolf to the British route clearing capability is proving invaluable,providing much needed protection for the troops and enabling greater freedom of movement to conduct operations. MineWolf Systems are also providing the UK MOD a comprehensive through life support package which includes technical capability management, training and supply of mission critical spares delivered in hugely reduced timelines.

Two Mini MineWolf systems with tiller attachments deployed by the British Army on operations in Afghanistan

Irish Defence Force procures Mini MineWolf for peace support operations

Also announced on the 31st of January, the Irish Defence Force recently procured two Mini MineWolf platforms for use by Irish troops deployed on peace-keeping and peace-support operations overseas. The machines are both fitted with a flail, a camera system and come with spare parts packages. Both machines underwent acceptance testing by the Irish defence forces and were delivered in December 2011 just four weeks after the contract was awarded.

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