German Defence Minister Briefed on Mini MineWolf Counter IED Operations

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Thomas de Maizière, German Defence Minister, attended Afghan military camps at Masar-i-Sharif and Feisabad on 3 July 2012 seizing the occasion to be briefed on MineWolf Systems equipment owned by the German Armed Forces.

Thomas de Maizière views Mini MineWolf Vehicles

Counter-IED Operations

The Minister was introduced to the Mini MineWolf MW240 and apprised of its work in the Afghanistan counter-IED operations. Helko Bohnsack, commander of Task Force Kunduz, advised that the danger of being fired upon has fallen, and IEDs remain the most significant threats.

In 2011, 7 Mini MineWolf vehicles were bought by the German armed forces for use in route-clearance operations. The systems were supported by a range of multi-purpose attachments for IED and mine removal, which are suitable for general engineering purposes. They have already saved many civilians and NATO soldiers.

Multi-Purpose Clearance Vehicles

The ministerial visit was part of an evaluation of logistics prior to their planned exit from Afghanistan by 2014. The army must decide which equipment should be transported to Germany, which should be passed to the Afghans, and which should be disposed of. The intention is that the Afghans will slowly take over the running of their national security, becoming completely independent in 2014.

Multi-Purpose Clearance Vehicles

On the 3rd of July, 2012, it was declared that Germany would give over €400m for the rebuilding of Afghanistan. The Mini MineWolf clearance vehicles complete with multi-purpose attachments will be highly effective for carrying out this work.

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