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Military Mine Clearance Vehicles

MineWolf Systems is a leading Swiss manufacturer of sophisticated technology and services for the clearance of landmines and other explosive devices.

Mine and IED Clearance Vehicles

MineWolf Systems' clearance platforms excel in efficiency and reliability and have shown unprecedented results in projects in the Middle-East, Africa, Europe, Asia and South America. MineWolf vehicles have successfully cleared mines and explosive remnants of war from millions of square kilometres of contaminated land around the world.

MineWolf Systems' goal is to provide reliable, innovative and cost-effective solutions for the safe removal of landmines and other explosive devices. MineWolf Systems provide cutting edge mine clearance technology built to an exceptional standard in their German factory. They supply a broad range of specialist mechanical solutions meeting rigorous operational requirements to provide the right solution for every task in military, humanitarian and commercial explosives clearance applications.

MineWolf Systems Mine Clearance vehicles include:

  • The MineWolf (MW370), the flagship mine clearance solution is optimised for use in extensive demining operations. Supplied with flail or tiller attachments, the MineWolf is capable of clearing up to thirty thousand square meters every day in tough, hazardous environments.
  • The Medium MineWolf (MW330) has been designed to fulfil military specifications for mobility and survivability in mine clearance and EOD/IED removal. Supplied with tiller, flail, dozer and other multi-purpose attachments, the Medium MineWolf can be radio operated or driver controlled.
  • The Mini MineWolf (MW240) is a fully remote-controlled solution for clearance of IEDs and anti-personnel and medium anti-tank mines. The Mini MineWolf comes with tiller, flail, robotic arm and other multi-purpose attachments.
  • The Micro MineWolf (MW50) is the smallest remote controlled platform for clearing anti-personnel mines and other explosive devices. It can be transported on a 4x4 pick-up or by helicopter and is designed for rapid deployment to isolated or hard-to-access areas.
  • MineWolf Systems also provide other specialised equipment, storage solutions and workshops to assist clients in the maintenance and deployment of the MineWolf platforms and have the in-house engineering capabilities to develop specific solutions for customers depending on their requirements.

MineWolf Vehicle Attachments

MineWolf vehicles are designed with adaptability in mind. A range of easily interchangeable attachments can be mounted on the MineWolf platforms to enable handling of a broad array of tasks. The flail and tiller attachments are used for landmine removal, the robotic arm with various front-end tools is designed to clear improvised explosive devices from a safe distance; and the runway clearance attachment is a cluster bomb unit (CBU) collector and dispenser used for the effective and safe collection and disposal of sub-munitions from any asphalt surface.

The MineWolf vegetation cutter enables effective mine clearance in overgrown terrain, and bucket, bulldozer blades, sifter and forklift units are available allowing the machines to fulfil an extensive range of engineering roles.

MineWolf Training and Service Support

MineWolf Systems provide a broad range of services to cater for all customer requirements ranging from engineering design, training on the essentials of operating and maintaining the MineWolf machines to comprehensive project administration. Each MineWolf Systems training and service package is optimised to the needs of the individual client and country. These services have allowed MineWolf Systems' versatile solutions to be deployed around the world for military, humanitarian and commercial applications.

In addition to training services tailored to each client, MineWolf System's network of local offices provide 24/7 technical support and a range of service packages. Experienced in keeping machines in the field in optimal condition, MineWolf Systems Technicians can also service other vehicles in a customer's fleet, ensuring the customer gets great results wherever they are operating.

The full range of services currently offered by MineWolf Systems includes:

  • Training
  • Fleet Management
  • Technical and operational support
  • Logistic support analysis
  • Maintenance
  • Operational Performance Analysis
  • Service support hardware
  • Engineering design and development
  • Logistics
  • Specialist tehnical advice
  • Regional support
  • Project management 


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