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Rugged Mil-Spec Computers & Peripherals and Gateway Systems

MILPER Ltd. Established on April 1984, is an Israeli corporation, acting as engineering, consultant for High-Tech Industry, Government and Defense Organizations. Our personnel have over 29 years of experience in providing services to the above mentioned market.

Engineering Services

For many years Milper is involved in the design of ruggedized equipment for use under severe environment, using Commercial Off-The-Shelf electronic products, such as Computers, Workstations, Computer Peripherals, (Disks, Printers, Tape drive, Modems etc.) Millper's quality system is qualified to ISO 9001:2000. Our services includes the Design, Development, Manufacturing, Testing and Qualifying products to meet our customer specifications and needs. Whether it have to meet commercial, Industrial or Military standards.

Sales and Marketing

MILPER services include requirement identification, sales promotion, strategy formulation, assistance during negotiations, and advice on legal, procedural and financial matters. MILPER's after sales services cover all requirements in the period from contract signature to end of warranty. These services include presence during acceptance tests, trouble-shooting, engineering services, warranty problem solving, contractual monitoring, etc.

MILPER has already built its reputation and credibility among customers. Milper's qualifications and reputation that our qualifications and reputation allow us to provide an excellent service.

Ultra-Compact High-Density GbE Rugged Ethernet Routing Switch

Rugged Ethernet Routing SwitchAdvanced Rugged L3 Routing Switch 48/24 10/100 Ethernet Ports in 1U, 4 Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports with various interfaces CWDM, long-haul optics & Bi-Directional transceivers for single fiber deployments support.

Physical Port resiliency for enhanced network survivability BiNOS on board Web Enabled Management via Embedded Java™ Non-Blocking Architecture Cost-Effective Port Trunking Capabilities Secure Telnet, SSH and RADIUS authentication Transparent LAN services for end to-end tunneling services DHCP Relay with option 82 support DHCP Server with option 82 support Access Control Lists for enhanced network security

  • RMON and Syslog Support Out-of-Band Management port IPv6 awareness
  • IPv4 to IPv6 migration path Low power consumption
  • Operation temperature -40 - +55 oC, Intermittent: -30 - +60 oC
  • ALTITUDE From S.L. to 45,000 FT operation & non-operation

Rugged Military Computers

Rugged Sealed ComputerMILPER's MRC-104S is a high performance, rugged computer designed specifically for military embedded applications. The unit is conductive cooled. The standard MRC-104S features, up to 3GB Flash Disk drive and 256 Mbyte of RAM. Standard interfaces include two serial RS-232, one parallel and one VGA.

The modular construction of the MRC-104S allow for the attachment of a range of compatible peripherals, accessories and interfaces. The MRC-104S can run MS-DOS, VxWorks, Win 2000, XP, Linux or any other operating system designed for the PC.

The standard MRC-104S operates from 20 - 30 VDC power source. With dimensions of only 5" high x 7" wide x 7" deep, the MRC-104S is ideally suited for Embedded Mobile Applications requires surviving tough environments. PERFORMANCE UPGRADEABILITY The MRC-104S allows an easy replacement or adding CPU or any PC-104 interface.

Rugged Gateway Systems

Rugged Smart GatewayMIES-SG1 is a UDP communication optimization and control entity designed for inter-UAV communications as well as for data-link to/from the ground.

MIES-SG1 may be implemented as an embedded hardware & software component on one of the application machines residing at a communication junction Modular structure of MIES-SG1 allows easily adding, removing and configuring services. MIES-SG1 is a hard real-time product.

The latency it adds to inspected network traffic depends on the applied service. The time of inspection itself is negligible comparing to time of data transportation.


  • MIES-SG1 is transparent for other network entities
  • MIES-SG1 inspects the traffic that crosses it, intervenes the data flow and applies some services on the data
  • Detects network events (e.g. source/destination address, pre-defined message sequence, pre-defined data pattern)
  • Calls a user defined service routine upon detection of designated network event(s)
  • Provides additional services upon detection of network event(s)
  • The ES-SG1 will recover automatically after a communication loss

Rugged Avionic Computer

Rugged Avionic ComputerMILPER's MRC-10X, is a high performance, ruggedized computer designed specifically for military tactical airborne and strategic applications. The computer is based on a passive ISA - ISA/PCI/PCIe backplane with Single Board Computer. It is PC compatible in a lightweight, environmentally resistant package.

The standard MRC-10X features a drip proof keyboard, a Removable hard disk and up to 8G RAM. Standard interfaces include serial RS-232, parallel, VGA/DVI, SATA and more. 5-8 slots accept printed circuit modules that are available for all PC compatible computers.

This allows for the attachment of a range of compatible peripherals, accessories and interfaces. The MRC-10X can run MS-DOS, UNIX, QNX, WINDOWS or any other operating system designed for the PC.


  • Core2Duo, Core2Quad Intel family support
  • Intel 945,965 or 45GM embedded chipset
  • Memory up to 8G
  • Passive Backplane
  • Complete Array of Rugged Peripherals
  • Rack Mount and Shock Tray Kits Available

MRTS - Real-time Multi-Channel Recording System

Multi-Channel Recording SystemsMRTS is a real-time recording system designed for long-term synchronous recording of multiple channelswith high data rates. MRTS is implemented as a stand-alone hardware component with embeddedsoftware. Both, regular and military (industry) specifications are available. Modular structure and varietyof external interfaces of MRTS allow easily integrating in customer's environment.

The MCRS (Multi- channel recording System) real-time data recorder, playback and analysis systems foranalog and digital applications offer sustained recording at rates up to 500 MB/s. These high-speedrecorders achieve the performance rating in both commercial and ruggedized environments utilizing FiberChannel storage area network media in JBOD or RAID configurations from cost effective commercial torugged and solid-state storage.

  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)
  • Radar and Sonar signal capture and playback
  • Electronic Intelligence Recording Systems (SIGINT, COMINT)
  • Semiconductor quality inspection systems
  • Seismic data acquisition and physics research

Please then also include a list of at least 10 to 20 products or services that you offer and would like to promote through our site. We will research each product or service term and inform you which terms will work best.

  • Rugged IP Smart gateway 
  • Rugged router
  • Rugged sealed computer
  • Rugged avionic computer
  • Rugged disks
  • Rugged printers
  • Rugged displays
  • Rugged cPCI/VME ATR systems
  • Rugged portable terminals
  • Rugged real-time recorders

We have distributors in Italy, Turky, Spain, England, France, China, Japan, German, India.

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