The LEGUAN System

Krauss-Maffei Wegmann

Off-the-road mobility of motorized units is impeded by many natural and man-made obstacles.

The LEGUAN bridge layer's 26-m light-metal bridge can overcome almost 90% of these obstacles.

The bridge can be transported and launched from different trucks or tanks and can also be used to build ferries. The control of the bridge layer is fully electronic. Horizontal laying ensures a low silhouette during the laying procedure. A two-man crew is needed for operating the bridge launcher. The LEGUAN bridge can be fully automatically launched.

The LEGUAN bridge system was introduced into the market in the mid-1980s. Meanwhile we have taken up a leading market position with this product world-wide, both commercially and technically.

1 The LEGUAN Bridge

More than 250 LEGUAN bridges have been built to date. The bridges of all LEGUAN bridge layers are compatible. 26-m bridges
and 14m long LEGUAN bridges of MLC 80 are  available.

The bridges are designed for 10,000 crossings according to the "Trilateral Design and Test Code".

The 26 m LEGUAN Bridge MLC 80The 26m LEGUAN Bridge MLC 80 is 4m wide and consists
of a lightweight aluminium structure


We produce LEGUAN kits consisting of the LEGUAN bridges, the laying arms as well as electronic and hydraulic components. With these kits the 26m long LEGUAN bridge or the two 14m long LEGUAN bridges can be launched from modern main battle tank chassis.

Leopard 1 and Leopard 2 tanks have been converted into LEGUAN bridge layers for the Norwegian, Belgian, Greek, Finnish, Turkish, Singapore and other armies at our Munich factory. The Swedish and Swiss Armies have ordered LEGUAN on LEOPARD 2 with 26m long bridges and 14m long Bridges in 2014.

LEGUAN on Leopard 2LEGUAN on Leopard 2 with Two 14m Bridges at a German Army Proving Ground

Used M47/M60 tanks have been converted into state-of-the-art bridge layers for the Spanish army. Malaysia has received LEGUAN systems built on new manufactured Bumar/Poland PT91 tank chassis.  

Main features:

  • Bridge laying in less than five minutes (26-m bridge)
  • Horizontal launching
  • Fully automatic launching through electronically controlled bridge laying system
  • One-man operation from within the vehicle and with hatch closed
  • Bridge laying/retrieval in darkness
  • EMC/ESD-protected components

Launching Sequence of the 26m bridge              Launching Sequence of the 14m Bridge
Launching sequence of the 14m and 26m bridge

In team with General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS), KMW has, in the face of international competition, won the contract for the series production of the Wolverine Heavy Assault Bridge (HAB) - the LEGUAN bridge mounted on the M1.

Horizontal launching offers tactical advantages over other bridge systems.

No hydraulic parts in the bridge. No exposed personnel during operation.

3 LEGUAN Wheeled Vehicle

The 8 x 8 or 10 x 10 launcher vehicle with shifting frame enables laying of the 26m long LEGUAN bridge in less than eight minutes.

The LEGUAN Launching sequence on a Truck

The LEGUAN wheeled bridge layer is the ideal complement to the bridge tanks owing to the fact that, unlike the tank, the vehicle is intended for use over longer distances. Moreover, the LEGUAN Wheeled Bridging System is also extremely useful for non-military applications since it can quickly replace bridges that have been destroyed by floods or earthquakes.

The wheeled version of the LEGUAN bridge layer is in service with armed forces on 4 continents, including Norway, The Netherlands, Singapore, Venezuela, South Africa, Indonesia, and Finland.

Using two LEGUAN bridges obstaclesUsing two LEGUAN bridge obstacles with widths of as much as 39m can then be spanned.
With up to 3 bridges, gaps of approx. 52m can be bridged.

We cooperate with the local industry and assemble the LEGUAN kits to the required truck or tank chassis. In Finland we have adapted the LEGUAN kit to the Finnish SISU truck.

The SISU based LEGUAN has a 5th axle and a protected driver's cabin. Delivery to the Finnish Army has been completed.

Where bank conditions, river bed and water current velocities permit, the LEGUAN bridge can also be laid in the form of tandem bridging.

In place of the 26-m bridge the LEGUAN vehicle can also transport, lay, and retrieve two 14-m bridges fully automatic by the control panel.

The control panel provides automatic, semi-automatic, or manual launching, monitors the position of all drive units and is equipped with Built-In Test Equipment (BITE).

LEGUAN Control PanelThe LEGUAN Control Panel

4 LEGUAN Floating Bridge and Ferry

The LEGUAN bridge can be provided with extra equipment so that it can be used as a MLC 30 or MLC 80 ferry. The LEGUAN bridge is placed by the bridge laying vehicle or tank on pontoons for this application. Hydraulically adjusted ramps are added at the ends of the bridge for driving on and off the ferry.

LEGUAN Ferry in NorwayLEGUAN Ferry in Norway

The aluminium pontoons feature an integrated pump-jet drive which makes them highly manoeuvrable permitting movements in shallow water. Continuous crossing of vehicles and equipment is enabled by coupling the individual ferries together so that they form a floating bridge.

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