MIL-SIM-FX International Inc

Suppliers of Explosive Simulation and Battlefield Training Equipment

MIL-SIM-FX International Inc. is proud to be a leader in the design and supply of non–pyrotechnic simulation training devices to Canadian, American and foreign Armed Forces.

A privately owned business officially formed in 2004, currently employing twenty employees in the small town of Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada.

MIL-SIM-FX is dedicated to furthering innovations in the area of safe, effective battle effects simulation devices.

We provide the men and women of the Armed Forces with the best technology capable of safely simulating the truest form of actual explosive threats to which they will be exposed and called upon to respond to in the combat environment.

Explosive Simulation

MIL-SIM-FX offers a wide range of explosive simulation devices. Ranging from small urban setting training devices to large mounted convoy training devices. Our explosive simulation training devices use a high pressure gas platform whether it be C02, High Pressure Air or Nitrogen. Our explosive simulation devices are very visually realistic and offer the user a wide range of training options for pre-deployment. Explosive simulation is the new leader in training requirements without the use of pyrotechnic devices.

Battlefield Training

MIL-SIM-FX provides the men and women of the Armed Forces with simulated non-pyrotechnic battlefield training devices. Our MIL-ECHO can easily envelop a large vehicle in a plume of smoke, giving the effect of being the target of an IED. During battlefield training our devices can replicate the noise, smoke and markings of various explosive threats. Battlefield training has become a must for the soldier that will be deploying and MIL-SIM-FX strives to help our soldiers have the best battlefield training available.

IED Training Devices

MIL-SIM-FX is a leader in the design and supply of non-pyrotechnic simulation IED training devices. Our IED training devices replicate various explosive threats and improvised explosive devices used by enemy forces. IED training devices are intended to allow direct contact training, while replicating noise and smoke of an actual explosion. Our IED training devices are designed to be booby trapped, pressure sensitive, electrically and remotely detonated.

Live Fire Training Simulators

MIL-SIM-FX offers its customers realistic live fire training simulators. Manufactured out of machined aluminum with a hard anodized mil-spec coating in an olive drab color, our live fire training simulators are very safe, effective, durable and affordable. Live fire training simulators have come to be a staple within the Armed Forces community and MIL-SIM-FX is proud to be the leader in the design and supply of these products. It is our goal to help prepare our soldiers to be the best war fighters in the world.

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