New Rigid Inflatable Boat Hull

Madera Ribs

With an overall length of 12.30 meters and an overall beam of 2.76 meters, this rib is extremely manoeuvrable but also stable. Both characteristics are indispensable for RIB's used for both military and rescuing purposes.

The RIB can be equipped with 3 powerful outboard engines or 2 inboard diesel engines with both stern drives and water jets, depending of the customer's choice.

Rigid Inflatable Boat

These propulsion systems combined with the special design of the hull, guarantee a maximum speed over 50 knots without cargo.


The hull is developed to carry a cargo capacity of 8 tons or 24 persons. Even with this weight, the RIB can easily maintain a speed of 30 knots.

Rigid Inflatable Boat

Speed, stability and maneuverability, are not the sole benefits of this RIB.
One of the biggest advantages of the measurements of this RIB is the fact that it fits precisely in a 40ft container.

Rigid Inflatable Boat

This fact does not only considerably reduce the transport charges but it also simplifies the transport process and restricts the chances of robbery up to a minimum. So the RIB can be transported fast to any place in the world.

New Rigid Inflatable Boat

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