Madera Ribs Supporting Sailing Races and Nautical Events

Madera Ribs

The MR1450 is used by the Gitana team to support their two sailboats during the race. The Gitana team was very satisfied with the support of our MR1450 and will use our Ribs with more inshore and offshore races in the future.

This is just the beginning for Madera Ribs in supplying support boats for big nautical events.

60 ft sailing race on the ThamesSailing Race

From 8 June till 15 June the world wide Volvo Ocean Race will come to Rotterdam the Netherlands home town of Madera Ribs. Madera Ribs will supply 2 of their MR1450 to offer the VIP persons from ABN, VOLVO and the Press the best stable places to watch, make pictures and follow the Volvo Ocean Race .

Sailing Race60 ft sailing race on the Thames

With the size of 14.50 meters there are 18 comfortable seats and enough space for extra equipment and beverage. With the 4 x 250 HP Yamaha engines the MR1450 has enough power and speed to follow the sailboats on the sea and in the harbor.

We can also adjust our boats for the transport of spare parts during a sailing race.

If you need a support boat for any nautical application Madera Ribs can offer you high quality boats for a reasonable price. We co-operate with our customers to design and implement optimum solutions for their needs. We do custom designs within our product range to fit our customers´ needs.

60 ft sailing race on the Thames

Whichever Madera Rib you choose it will be virtually indestructible!

Sailing Race Support Boat

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