Do You Need Parts for Military Aircraft?

M3 Technology

Are you looking for parts to maintain your fleet of military aircraft? Is your current supplier unable to provide the parts you require? Are you frustrated with the time it takes to receive the parts you require?

M3 Technology are an established military aircraft parts supplier who can provide the parts you require, no matter on your location or urgency for the parts. This is achievable due to their global supply chain and strategic alliances with key manufacturers.

With over a decade's worth of experience in maintaining air forces around the world M3 Technology can assist you, with parts for everything from helicopters such as the Huey or Mi-17 or fighter jets such as the impressive F16 or F35 joint strike fighter.

F16 Military Aircraft Parts

F16 (Credit Paul Fiddian)

As well as providing parts in conjunction with FAA-certified partners M3 Technology can offer repair and overhaul services for your military aircraft.

Military Aircraft Parts for Operation Iraqi Freedom

M3 Technology current provide parts in conjunction with the support and service of the UH-1H Huey II Helicopters for the New Iraq Airforce along with Arinc Engineering. M3 Technology has excelled in support for the AOG operations for Arinc.

In addition to the support for the Huey helicopters M3 technology also provide military parts and service for the Mi-17 helicopter. The Mi-17 is a Russian made transport helicopter is also in service with the Iraq airforce.

UH-1-Huey PartsMi-17 Helicopter Parts

M3's Range of Aircraft Parts

M3 Technologies provide parts and support for a vast range of military aircraft including:

Fighter / Attack Aircraft:

  • F-5
  • F-16
  • F-18
  • F-22
  • F-35
  • F-CK-1 Ching-kuo / IDF


  • UH-1H Huey
  • Mi-17
  • Bell Jet Ranger

Intel / Transport

  • E-2 Hawkeye
  • C-130
  • C-5 Galaxy

Commercial Aircraft:

  • Boeing 747
  • Boeing 737
  • Lear Jets
  • Airbus various models (300 series)
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