Manufacturer of Liquid Tyre Sealant Preventing Punctures

OKO was founded 31 years ago and was the original preventative tyre (tire) sealant that worked in preventing punctures.

OKO Tyre Sealant

OKO Tyre (tire) Sealant is still manufactured and continuously developed in the United Kingdom and is sold worldwide through a network of approved dealers. OKO does not franchise its products.

OKO Puncture Free is now supplied in a range of versions that cover the whole tyre market and which are each specific to particular types of tyre and vehicle.

For the military, there are heavy-duty sealants that combat the worst theatre conditions. OKO is used by the British Army and Royal Air Force and has been tested and approved by military organizations including NATO.

Liquid Tyre Sealant

Liquid Tyre Sealant'OKO Puncture Free' provides a liquid tyre (tire) sealant for any inflated tyre that will prevent punctures by sealing it the moment they happen.

The protection offered by the liquid tire sealant covers objects up to 9mm in diameter.

By using OKO, vehicles have long term puncture protection. OKO will last the useful life of the tyres, and will protect them from punctures in all environments. OKO has the unique capability of sealing multiple punctures in successive events.

OKO is an inexpensive investment and has added benefits:

  • Instant Sealing of punctures
  • Downtime of Vehicles are greatly reducedOKO Military Liquid Tyre Sealant
  • Reduces call out charges and puncture repair costs
  • Correct tyre pressure is maintained which reduces tyre wear and longer life
  • It helps reduce fuel consumption
  • Lower operating temperature will reduce tyre wear
  • Lack of punctures means each tyre can last for its designed life span
  • OKO is compatible with retreads

Tyre Puncture Seal

Liquid Tyre SealantOKO Puncture Free has been tested successfully by many official Military institutions. OKO's tyre sealants are relied upon by the armed forces, as well as major construction companies, Trucking companies, Forestry and Agricultural vehicle users, and mining companies.

All these vehicles operating in severe puncturing environments have used OKO Puncture Free to “hard-seal” punctures in their tyres. This has saved them incredible amounts of valuable time and money. In some situations, it has added security to operations and has saved lives.

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