L-3 Link Simulation and Training F/A-18 Simulator Declared Ready for Training

L-3 Link Simulation & Training

An L-3 Link Simulation & Training F/A-18C/D Tactical Operational Flight Trainer (TOFT) is providing Fighter Attack Squadron 242 at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Iwakuni, Japan with a new high fidelity flight simulation capability to help maintain aircrew mission readiness.


The simulator, which replaces an aircrew proficiency trainer, consists of two individual, networked cockpits for the pilot and weapons sensor operator. The crew station for each cockpit is housed within L-3 Link’s SimuSphere® visual display and supports single seat F/A-18C or dual seat F/A-18D training. The F/A-18C/D TOFT has a distributed training capability that allows it to be networked to other training devices.

“We are very pleased to deliver this high fidelity F/A-18 training system to the U.S. Marine Corps one month ahead of schedule,” said Bob Birmingham, president for L-3 Link. “This F/A-18 TOFT will enable crews to gain simulation-based training within a realistic, interoperable and full spectrum combat training environment.”

When training on the simulator aircrews are able to reinforce a full range of skills, including air-to-air and air-to-ground tactical employment; aerial refuelling; carrier operations; normal and emergency procedures training; and night vision goggle operations.

The simulator is supported by L-3 Link’s combined brief/debrief system and mission operations center. This system provides pre-mission briefing and post mission after action review; full situational awareness; and monitoring and control of missions as they take place.

Hornet aircrews are able to review mission objectives and their tactical performance during a simulation exercise to capture lessons learned and maximize training time.

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