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Lind Electronics is a manufacturer of Ruggedized DC/DC, AC/DC Power Adapters, Power Control Devices and Custom Cable Mold Assemblies. Lind is a direct support or OEM supplier to Panasonic, Dell, Motion Computer, Apple Computer and other leading computer manufacturers. Lind Electronics has power products available for all major brands of notebook, subnotebook, tablet, and handheld computers.

Power Supply Design

As a leading power supply design company, Lind Electronics’ capabilities include:

Ruggedized DC/DC Converters – Lind Electronics designs and builds DC/DC converters for almost any device that needs to be powered from a DC source. The output power capabilities of our adapters range from 5 Watts to 150 Watts. Dual and triple output adapters are also available for powering multiple devices from one DC source. Common applications of the dual output adapters would be to power a notebook and a printer or a notebook and a radio. Adapters are available that can operate from input voltage ranges from 11-16 VDC, 12-32 VDC, and 36-78 VDC.

Stock and Custom Cable Assemblies – Lind Electronics supplies and manufacturers specialized cable assemblies and connectors for military applications. We have designed special interface cables for use with military batteries and power sources such as the NATO Slave Plug. Cables are available for 5590 style batteries as well as many of the new rechargeable models. We specialize in quick turnaround for custom cable projects in both high and low volume production runs.

Lithium-Ion Power Packs – Lind Electronics MaxPower batteries are thin, lightweight rechargeable external battery packs that can extend notebook run times up to 8 hours. They are designed to run the notebook when the user will be away from either AC or DC power for an extended period of time.

These battery packs are .5 inch thick and have the same footprint as most laptops so they are easily carried along with the computer. Models are available for most notebooks.

Lind Electronics is located in the USA in Minneapolis, MN. Our engineering, sales, production, and design work are all done from this location. We will solve your power problems.

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